This page contains reports filed in compliance with paragraph 22(d) of the SBC/Ameritech Merger Conditions (Condition XXII of the SBC/Ameritech Merger Order in CC Docket No. 98-141), which describe the status of the regional company's xDSL roll-out in each of its states, and includes the number and name/location of urban and rural wire centers and low-income wire centers where SBC/AIT has deployed xDSL technology.

2005 Reports

Q1 Cover Letter & Report

2004 Reports

Q1 Cover Letter & Report
Q2 Cover Letter & Report
Q3 Cover Letter & Report
Q4 Cover Letter & Report

2003 Reports

Q1   Cover Letter   Report
Q4   Cover Letter   Report

2002 Reports

Q1   Cover Letter   Report
Q2   Cover Letter   Report
Q3   Cover Letter   Report
Q4   Cover Letter   Report

2001 Reports

Amended Q1 & Q2 Cover Letter
Amended Q1 Report
Amended Q2 Report 
Q3 Cover Letter 
Q3 Report 
Q4 Cover Letter 
Q4 Report

2000 Reports

Amended Q2 Report:  Details  Summary
Amended Q3 Report:  Details  Summary
Amended Q4 Report:  Details  Summary