Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) carriers serve an important role as providers of communications services in areas where the wireline and wireless networks may not extend or provide coverage. In 2003, the Commission adopted 911 emergency calling requirements for MSS carriers. Specifically, those MSS carriers providing voice service that is interconnected to the public switched network must establish call centers to which all subscriber emergency calls are routed to an appropriate public safety answering point (PSAP).

MSS carriers must ensure that callers access call centers by dialing "911", that call centers ascertain the caller's phone number and location, and that call centers transfer or forward the call to an appropriate PSAP. MSS carriers were required to provide 911 emergency call center service by February 11, 2005.

On August 25, 2004, the Commission adopted rules requiring that MSS carriers subject to the emergency call center rule submit two reports in connection with the implementation and operation of their emergency call centers. The first report, a one-time filing due October 12, 2004, is a pre-implementation status report concerning each carrier's respective plans to deploy emergency call centers by the February 11, 2005 deadline. The second report that MSS carriers must file concerns call center traffic data and must be filed on an annual basis. The first such report was due October 15, 2005.

MSS Carrier Implementation Reports