The Enforcement Bureau was established on November 8, 1999. This table lists all broadcast indecency-related Forfeiture Orders ("FOs") issued by the FCC and/or the Enforcement Bureau since November 8, 1999. Some of the FOs involve indecency complaints that were received by the Commission prior to the creation of the Enforcement Bureau. We have indicated those with an asterisk (*). Any Forfeiture Order that is not marked with an asterisk (*) involved an indecency complaint received on or after November 8, 1999. 

 02-22-2008Complaints Against Various Licensees Regarding Their Broadcast of the Fox Television Network Program "Married By America" on April 7, 2003$7,000 ea. 
 02-19-2008Complaints Against Various Television Licensees Concerning Their February 25, 2003 Broadcast of the Program "NYPD Blue"$27,500 ea. 
 03-15-2006Complaints Against Various Television Licensees Concerning Their February 1, 2004 Broadcast of the Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show$550,000 
 02-18-2004Emmis Radio License Corporation, WKQX(FM), Chicago, Illinois$7,000 
 12-08-2003Infinity Broadcasting Operations, Inc., WKRK-FM, Detroit, Michigan$27,500 
 11-01-2002Emmis Radio License Corporation, WKQX(FM), Chicago, IL$21,000 
 09-27-2002Entercom Seattle License, LLC, KNDD(FM), Seattle, WA$12,000 
 01-08-2002Emmis FM License Corp. of Chicago, WKQX(FM), Chicago, IL$14,000 
 05-11-2001WLDI, Inc., WCOM(FM), Bayamon, PR$16,800 
*  03-02-2001Infinity Radio License, Inc., WLLD(FM), Holmes Beach, FL$7,000 
*  10-12-2000Communicast Consultants, Inc., KRXK(AM), Rexburg, Idaho$7,000 
*  08-24-2000Three Eagles of Columbus, Inc., KROR(FM), Hastings, Nebraska$6,000 
*  06-28-2000Citicasters Co., WXTB(FM), Clearwater, FL$7,000 
*  06-27-2000Citicasters Co., WXTB(FM), Clearwater, FL$23,000 
*  06-13-2000Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Los Angeles, KROQ-FM, Pasadena, CA$2,000 
*  01-28-2000WQAM LLP, WQAM(AM), Miami, Florida$35,000