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As an important part of the Office's mission, the FCC's OET publishes various types of technical documents that communicates the results of its research and studies and provides technical information to the public. The categories of documents include Technical Memorandum, Measurement Procedures, Bulletins, and Reports. These documents are of interest to a broad spectrum of people. The documents are available to individuals and groups inside and outside the FCC. 18 GHz CARS study added (Reports Section) July 8, 2003

Technical Memorandum

This series of documents contain accounts of technical developments,investigations, research and analysis may contain advisory or informative material may give preliminary views on a question under study may be a presentation for completion of records or documents of historical nature and may be a summation of work done in a specific technical area.

TM 91-1 Propagation in Suburban Areas at Distances less than Ten miles tm91-1.pdf
(Adobe PDF)
TM 90-1 Interference Immunities of Aviation Receivers Due to FM Broadcast Transmissions. Project, March 1990 TM 90-1 (PDF)
TM 87-5 Interference Immunities of Aviation Receivers Due to FM Broadcast Transmissions. Project, June 1988 TM 87-5 (PDF)
TM 87-1 Receiver Susceptibility Measurements Relating to Interference Between UHF Television and Land Mobile Radio Services. April 1986 OET Online
1.2 MB (Adobe PDF)
TM82-5 Guidance for Evaluating the Potential for Interference to TV from Stations of Inland Waterways Communications Systems, 1982. tm82-5.pdf(Adobe PDF)
NTIS: PB 82-247644

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Measurement Procedures (MP)

This series of documents are a formal presentation of recommended procedures that may be used when testing equipment to determine its compliance with FCC rules may contain recommended procedures to perform a variety of physical measurements which are required or suggested by the FCC rules and may contain procedures which have been accepted formally by the FCC according to procedures of the Administrative Procedure Act. Additional guidance on measurement procedures related to equipment authorization (EA) may be found on the EA measurement procedures page.

MP-1 FCC Methods of Measurements for Determining Compliance of Radio Control and Security Alarm Devices and Associated Receivers, February 1983 NTIS Accession Number PB 84-243641
OET On-line
MP-2 Measurement of UHF Noise Figures of Television Receivers, October 1986 NTIS Accession Number PB 84-243609
OET On-line
MP-3 Methods of Measurements of Output Signal Level, Output Terminal Conducted Spurious Emissions,Transfer Switch Characteristics, and Radio Noise Emission from TV Interface Devices, January 1985 NTIS Accession Number PB 89-117030
OET On-line
MP-4 FCC Methods of Measurement of Radio Noise Emission from Computing Devices, July 1987 Replaced by National Standard C63.4-1991
OET On-line
MP-5 FCC Methods of Measurements of Radio Noise Emissions from ISM Equipment, February 1986 NTIS Accession Number PB 89-117048
OET On-line
MP-8 Measurement Procedures for Radiotelegraph Auto Alarm, December 1984 NTIS Accession Number PB 89-117055
OET On-line
MP-9 FCC Procedure for Measuring Cable Television Switch Isolation, September 1987 OET On-line

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This series of documents contain detailed information on a specific subject appropriate for dissemination to a large sector of the general public may explain procedural requirements of the FCC, such as for making an application for equipment importation or obtaining an equipment authorization or may define terms used in Commission Rules and interpret the rules or technical details referenced in the rules.

The Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) bulletins are available for download on the bulletins web page.

  OET Bulletins

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This series of documents contain a formal account of research or analysis may include policy as well as technical analysis and may be written in response to a specific request or in association with a specific issue.

OET Report Measurements of LTE into DTV Interference (Tests on four ATSC DTV Receivers of OFDM 64 QAM Co- and Adjacent-channel Interference) [Word | Acrobat]
OET Report Report On Trends in Wireless Devices [Word | Acrobat]
OET Report Report On Trends in Wireless Devices [Word | Acrobat]
OET R86-1 Modern Methods for Calculating Ground-Wave Field Strength Over A Smooth Spherical Earth [Acrobat]
FCC/OET 9-TR-1003 DTV Converter Box Test Program -- Results and Lessons Learned [Word | Acrobat]
FCC/OET 07-TR-1006 Initial Evaluation of the Performance of Prototype TV- Band White Space Devices Report: [Acrobat]
Appendices: [Acrobat]
FCC/OET 07-TR-1005 Direct-Pickup Interference Tests of Three Consumer Digital Cable Television Receivers Available in 2005 [Word | Acrobat]
FCC/OET 07-TR-1003 Interference Rejection Thresholds of Consumer Digital Television Receivers Available in 2005 and 2006. [Word | Acrobat]
TR-02-1017 Tests of ATSC 8-VSB Reception Performance of Consumer Digital Television Receivers available in 2005. [Acrobat]
ET Docket No. 05-182 Report to Congress - The Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act of 2004 [Word | Acrobat]
F03-1 18 GHz CARS band study pursuant to IB Docket No. 98-172 18GHzStudy
R 6406 Technical Factors Effecting the Assignment Facilities in the Domestic Public Land Mobile Radio Service,1964. (The Carey Report) (4.5Mb) NTIS:PB 166734
RS 76-01 Field Strength Calculation for TV and FM Broadcasting, 1976. Computer Program: TV FMFS
NTIS: PB-249144
R 6602 Development of VHF and UHF Propagation Curves for TV and FM Broadcasting, 1966. (8.3Mb) NTIS:PB66-174288
ASD-9601 Measurements of Environmental Electromagnetic Fields at Amateur Radio Stations, 1996. NTIS: 96-145016
OET On-Line
R 99-2 DTV Report on COFDM and 8-VSB Performance, 1999 OET On-Line (MSWord)
TRB 99-3 A Study of Co-Channel and Adjacent-Channel Interference Immunities of Subsidiary Communications Authorization (SCA) FM Broadcast Receivers [Word]
R2229-63 UHF TV Receiver Interference Immunities Report [Acrobat]
RS 77-02 RI/OCE (Reports Issued by the Office of Chief Engineer April 1946 -- Dec. 1976), 1977 [Acrobat]
T-6401 Field Measurements of Electromagnetic Energy Radiated by RF Stabilized Arc Welders, 1964 [Acrobat]

These reports present data collected during staff research. Any opinions and conclusions expressed in them are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Communications Commission. These reports are intended to provide data that may be prove useful for addressing technical issues within the agency and outside as well.

OET TM87-2 UHF TV Receiver Interference Immunities Report TM87-2(PDF)
UHF study TM87-6 UHF TV Receiver Interference Immunities Memo TM87-6(PDF)
UHF study TM87-17 UHF TV Receiver Interference Immunities Note TM87-17(PDF)

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Non-OET Technical Documents


Appendix F (Docket 19261)
TV Stations to be considered in the Preparation of Applications for Land Mobile facilities in the Band 470-512 MHz, September 1971 (PDF)

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