Sanford WilliamsDirector
Sanford Williams has worked as an attorney in various roles at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) since 1999. In addition to serving as the Acting Director of OCBO, Mr. Williams also currently serves as a Deputy Division Chief with the Wireline Competition Bureau in its Competition Policy Division. Before starting his federal career, Mr. Williams worked as an attorney for Womble, Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, and taught at Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia. Sanford is a member of the Virginia Bar and the Georgia Bar. Sanford Williams graduated from Newark Academy in New Jersey in 1983 and then enrolled at Cornell University, where he earned his Undergraduate Degree in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the Johnson School of Management. He later attended UVA’s School of Law and received a J.D. in 1996. At UVA, he was a member of the Virginia Law Review.

Carolyn Fleming Williams - Senior Deputy Director
Carolyn Fleming-Williams most recently served as Director of the Office of Communications Business Opportunities, FCC.  During her 15-year tenure with the Commission, she has also served as a Senior Attorney-Advisor with the Media Bureau.  Prior to joining the Commission, Ms. Fleming-Williams served as corporate counsel for the Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT).  She was also an associate attorney with the law firm Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, now K&L Gates LLP.   Prior to joining K&L, she was an Honors Attorney with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  She has also served as President of DC Habitat for Humanity and as a Fairfax County Commissioner for Civil Service. Also, she is  an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland’s School of Business Administration and Management Studies teaching “Leadership in the 21st Century.”

Corrin Barksdale - Administrative Assistant 
Ms. Barksdale joined the FCC in June of 2006 with the Office of Communications Business Opportunities (OCBO). She provides administrative support for the office. Ms. Barksdale holds a BA degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resources from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC).
Christian Fiascunari - Web Content Manager/Outreach Specialist
Mr. Fiascunari joined the FCC in February of 2001, as a Bilingual Consumer and Mediation Specialist. In 2003 He started his career as an outreach specialist for Hispanic consumers at the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau. In 2006 he joined our OCBO staff as an outreach specialist and website content manager. He has served as a spokesman for the FCC on consumer affairs with local and national Hispanic media. He attended George Mason University and holds a B.A in Psychology.
John Finnie - Staff Assistant
Mr. Finnie began his federal government career in 1975 with the General Services Administration. The following year, as a member of the U.S. Army, he started a three-year tour of duty in West Germany with the 3rd Infantry Division’s Finance Center, where he was a Finance Specialist. After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, Mr. Finnie joined the FCC in 1979. He left the FCC that same year for the private sector but returned to the FCC in 1990. On his return, Mr. Finnie took a position with the Acquisition Branch, Office of Managing Director (OMD). In 1998, he joined the former Mass Media Bureau as a Secretary. In March of 2000, Mr. Finnie joined the Finance Division, OMD, as an Accountant Technician. In September of 2002, he accepted a position as Staff Assistant with OCBO.
Belford V. Lawson III - Attorney Advisor
Mr. Lawson joined the staff of OCBO in 1996. He has performed legal research, and law-related social scientific research needed to support various formal Research Studies which have been undertaken by OCBO to determine the presence and effects of market entry barriers for small businesses entering the field of telecommunications. He has also performed legal, and policy research used to implement the Schools and Libraries-related provisions of Section 254 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Mr. Lawson received a B.A. cum laude from Harvard; an M.A. from Columbia; a J.D. from Georgetown; and an LL.M. in Telecommunications Law and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Maura McGowan -Telecommunications Policy Analyst Ms. Maura McGowan joined OCBO in August 1996 to help facilitate the implementation of the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996 (SBREFA) and to conduct outreach to small communications businesses. Before joining OCBO, she served in two other FCC offices - the Office of the Managing Director and the Office of Engineering and Technology.
Sharon K. Stewart - Outreach Specialist (Women) 
Ms. Stewart joined the FCC in July 2001 as a Staff Assistant to Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) Director Martha Johnson and then Deputy Paul Jackson. From OLA, she joined the Office of Media Relations where she worked with Director David Fiske and his staff for one-and-a-half years. In January 2003, Ms. Stewart accepted a call to work in the Office of Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein as a Staff Assistant. Her latest move in August of 2004 brings her wealth of administrative experience, gained over twenty years of federal government service, to OCBO. During her FCC tenure, Ms. Stewart has received a number of Performance Awards. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Montgomery College, Takoma Park, Maryland.