The FCC’s Technological Advisory Council (TAC) provides technical advice to the FCC. A consolidated listing of reports and white papers produced by the TAC is available here.


  • A Study to Develop the Next Generation Systems Architecture for Radio Spectrum Interference Resolution [Acrobat]
  • Cyber Mobile Device Security [Acrobat]
  • Smart Phone Security Wizard Requirements [Acrobat]
  • White Paper: Considerations for Securing Software Defined Network (SDN)/Network Function Virtualization (NFV) [Acrobat]


  • Technical Considerations White Paper: Applying Security to Consumer IoT Devices [Acrobat]
  • A Case Study of Risk-Informed Interference Assessment: MetSat/LTE CoExistence in 1695–1710 MHz [Acrobat]
  • White Paper: Basic Principles for Assessing Compatibility of New Spectrum Allocations [Acrobat]
  • A Quick Introduction to Risk-Informed Interference Assessment [Acrobat]


  • Smartphone Theft Prevention Report & Recommendations [Acrobat]
  • Mobile Device Theft: Aspirational View of Events [Acrobat]
  • The impact of emerging receiver technologies on changing standards and spectrum allocations: [Acrobat]
  • White Paper: "Introduction to Interference Resolution, Enforcement and Radio Noise" [Acrobat]
  • Spectrum & Receiver Performance Working Group White Paper: Interference Limits Policy and Harm Claim Thresholds: An Introduction Version 1.0 [Acrobat]


  • Receivers & Spectrum Working Group White Paper: Interference Limits Policy -- The use of harm claim thresholds to improve the interference tolerance of wireless systems Version 1.0 [Acrobat]


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