Public Notice: The Wireline Competition Bureau Released Estimated State-By-State High-Cost Universal Service Support Amount for Non-Rural Carriers for 2004. Word | Acrobat | Erratum | Excel Erratum

Line Counts Order: The Wireline Competition Bureau update line counts and other input data used in the Commission’s forward-looking economic cost model for purposes of calculating and targeting non-rural high-cost support beginning January 1, 2004. We deny a petition filed by the Maine Public Utilities Commission and the Vermont Public Service Board seeking reconsideration of the Wireline Competition Bureau’s (Bureau) 2002 Line Counts Update Order. Word | Word | Acrobat | Excel

NECA Proposed 2004 Modification of Average Schedule Formulas: On October 1, 2003, the National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc. (NECA) filed proposed modifications to the current universal service formulas for average schedule companies, requesting that they take effect on January 1, 2004, and remain in effect through December 31, 2004 These formulas include a local switching support formula and a Part 36 high-cost support formula. On October 17, 2003, a public notice was issued soliciting comments on NECA’s filing.For the reasons discussed below, we approve NECA's modified local switching support formula and, with respect to Part 36 high-cost support, we adopt NECA’s cost per loop formula (CPL formula). Word | Acrobat

Monitoring Report: News Release RE: The Federal-State Joint Board Staff Releases Monitoring Report. The Comprehensive Report Tracks Trends Related to Universal Service. Word | Acrobat

FCC-03-314, Released 12/8/03, CC DKT 96-45 and 97-21 Order RE: The Commission finds that the facts presented by the application of the Winston-Salem / Forsyth County School District for discounts under the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism do not justify a denial of funding based on the Commission’s Ysleta decision (FCC 03-313). Word | Acrobat

FCC-03-313, Released 12/8/03, CC DKT 96-45 and 97-21 Order RE: The Commission finds that Yselta Independent School District and other similarly-situated schools that contracted with International Business Machines, Inc. (IBM) as their service provider in Funding Year 2002 engaged in various practices that violated its competitive bidding rules under the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism. The Commission also concluded, however, that the circumstances of these applicants justified a waiver of the filing window requirements so that the applicants could re-bid on the requested services. Word | Acrobat

November 2003

DA-03-3740, CC DKT 96-45 Order RE: BellSouth Corporation Petition for Clarification of Request for Immediate Relief by the State of Tennessee: Order clarifies that in the event it becomes necessary to initiate COMAD procedures with respect to the Tennessee FY 2002 application for discounts under the schools and libraries universal service support mechanism, that USAC should seek repayment directly from the subcontractors, or service providers, that receive funding from the Good Samaritan under the Tennessee Order. Word | Acrobat

DA-03-3601, CC DKT 96-45 Public Notice RE: The Public Notice announces the release of the revised Form 498 and accompanying instructions to be used to collect, contact, remittance and payment information from Service Providers that receive support from the Federal Universal Service Support Mechanisms. Word | Acrobat

October 2003

DA-03-3056, CC DKT 96-45 Public Notice RE: The Public Notice initiates a proceeding to consider RCC Minnesota's Petition to Redefine Rural Telephone Company Service Areas in the State of Maine. Word | Acrobat

FCC-03-232, CC DKT 96-45 and CG 03-123 Order RE: The Order amends the Commission's rules governing certain financial reporting and auditing requirements applicable to the Universal Service Fund and the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Fund. Word | Acrobat

September 2003

DA-03-2859, CC DKT 96-45 Public Notice RE: The Public Notice indicates that it is initiating a proceeding to consider a service area redefinition petition filed by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The CPUC is requesting the Commission’s agreement with the CPUC's proposed service area definition for areas served by the Wiggins Telephone Association within Colorado. Word | Acrobat

July 2003

FCC-03-170, CC DKT 96-45 Order and Order on Reconsideration RE: The Order retains the existing list of services supported by universal service. With regard to equal access the Commission held that several of the arguments were within the scope of the Portability Proceeding and the Commission declined to make a decision with regard to equal access at this time.
Word | Acrobat

DA-03-2294, CC DKT 96-45 Public Notice RE: The Federal-State Joint Board on Universal to hold En Banc hearing on the Portability of the High-Cost Universal Service Support and the ETC designation process. Word | Acrobat

FCC-03-164, CC DKT 96-45 Remand Order RE: The Order on Remand which addresses two issues on remand from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. This Order on Remand concludes that the $650 million IAS amount adopted in the CALLS Order represents a reasonable estimate of the implicit support in access charges to be replaced with explicit support and is supported by the record in this proceeding. The Order on Remand also concludes that the record supports the adoption of a 6.5 percent X-factor to achieve the Commission's target rate levels for price cap carriers. Word | Acrobat

FCC-03-151, CC DKT 96-45 Order RE: The Commission’s biennial regulatory review under section 11 of the Act. The order eliminates the requirement that NECA hold annual elections for its board of directors and that its directors serve one-year terms. The order also modifies the contested election requirement for NECA’s non-telecommunications industry directors (Outside Directors) so that no Outside Director may serve for more than six consecutive calendar years without standing for an election in which that director is opposed by at least one other qualified candidate.
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June 2003

DA-03-1958, CC DKT 96-45 Order RE: Status of CIPA Filtering Rules for Libraries Following Supreme Court Decision
Word | Acrobat

DA-03-1958, CC DKT 96-45 Order RE: WESTERN WIRELESS CORPORATION: Granted Western Wireless' Request to Withdraw and Dismissed the Petition.
Word Acrobat

DA-03-1937, CC DKT 96-45 Order RE: Palau National Communications Corporation: Granted the request to hold the petition in abeyance.
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May 2003

FCC-03-115, CC DKT 96-45 Order on Reconsideration and Order RE: Addresses petitions for reconsideration of the Twelfth Report and Order, which adopted rules to provide additional targeted support to low-income consumers on tribal lands, and clarifies rules regarding the qualification criteria for enhanced Lifeline and Link-Up service.
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FCC-03-106, CC DKT 96-45; 00-256 Third Order on Reconsideration RE: Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service, Mulit-Association Group Plan for Regulation of Interstate Services of Non-Price Cap Uncumbent Local Exchange Carriers and Interexchange Carriers and Interexchange Carriers . Addressed Administrative issues related to the Interstate Common Line Support Mechanism. Adopted 3rdOrder on Recon. Amended Part 54 of the Commission's Rules.
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March 2003

FCC 03-58, CC DKT 96-45; 98-171; 90-571; 92-237; 99-200; 95-116; NSD File No. L-00-72 and 98-170 Order and Second Order on Reconsideration RE: Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service addresses petitions for interim waiver and several petitions for reconsideration of rules recently adopted in the Interim Contribution Methodology Order regarding the assessment and recovery of contributions to the federal universal service support mechanisms.
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DA 03-754, CC DKT 96-45 Memorandum Opinion and Order RE: Grants the petition of Farmers to be designated as an ETC for its requested, non-rural service area in the state of Alabama.
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February 2003

Order: DA 03-614, CC DKTS 96-45 and 97-21 Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service RE: Petition for Limited Waiver of 47 C.F.R. Section 54.717(f) Regarding Audit Report Deadline Extended the filing deadline by which the independent auditor hired by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) must submit its draft audit reoprt to the Wireline Competition Bureau for this year until 4/15/03.
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Order: FCC 03-31, CC DKTS 96-45; 98-171; 90-571; 92-237; 99-200; 95-116; 98-170 and NSD File # L-00-72 Staff Study RE: Staff study relating to alternative methodologies for calculating contributions to federal universal service.
Word | Acrobat | Text | Staff Study Cover Sheet | Staff Study

Public Notice: DA 03-486, CC DKT 96-45 Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service RE: BellSouth, SBC, and Verizon Joint Petition for Waiver of Section 54.712 of the rules is Permit-But-Disclose Proceeding.
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January 2003

Order and Order on Reconsideration: FCC 03-20, CC DKTS 96-45; 98-171; 90-571; 92-237; NSD File No. L-00-72; 99-200; 95-116 and 98-170 Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service RE: The Commission reconsidered its definition of affiliate for purposes of CMRS providers making the single election whether to report actual interstate telecommunications revenues or use the applicable interim safe harbor.
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