• 12/10/04
    FEDERAL STATE JOINT BOARD ON UNIVERSAL SERVICE, 1998 BIENNIAL REGULATORY REVIEW, CHANGES TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE CARRIER ASSOCIATIONS, INC. Order modified the deadline for filing revisions to annual Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet (Worksheet or Form) 499-A. Granted and Remanded the Requests for Review of decisions by the Universal Service Administrative Company listed in Appendix A.  CC Docket Nos. 96-45, 98-171, 97-21.  Word | Acrobat
  • 11/29/04
    Order on Reconsideration: In this Order the Commission addresses 12 petitions for reconsideration of the Universal Service First Report and Order and the Fourth Order on Reconsideration. These petitions concerned, among other issues, contributions and schools. Word | Acrobat
  • 4/29/04
    Order: In this Order the Commission modifies it's rules to improve the effectiveness of the low-income support mechanism, which ensures that quality telecommunications services are available to low income consumers at just, reasonable and affordable rates. Word | Acrobat
  • 3/11/04
    Order: The Wireline Competition Bureau grants and dismisses Genuity Telecom. Inc.'s petition to withdraw it's petition filed on November 13, 2003 which sought filing provisions of FCC Form 499-Q. Word | Acrobat
  • 2/27/04 Federal State Joint Board ("Joint Board") on Universal Service: Joint Board provides its recommendations concerning the process for designation of eligible telecommunications carriers and the Commission's rules regarding high-cost universal service support. Docket No. 96-45
    Recommended Decision: Word | Acrobat
    Abernathy Statement: Word | Acrobat
    Jaber (Florida PSC) Statement: Word | Acrobat
    Dunleavy (NY State PSC) Statement: Word | Acrobat
    Gregg (West Virginia PSC) Statement: Word | Acrobat
    Martin Statement: Word | Acrobat
    Joint Separate Statement of Adelstein, Thompson (Regulatory Commission of Alaska), and Rowe (Montana PSC): Word | Acrobat
  • 2/26/04 Public Notice: The Wireline Competition Bureau released a draft of the revised Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet (FCC Form 499-A) for 2003 revenues. Word | Acrobat
    Appendix A in Acrobat
    Instructions in Acrobat
  • 1/22/04 Order: The Commission grants in part and denies in part, subject to enumerated conditions, the petition of Virginia Cellular, LLC to be designated as an eligible telecommunications carrier throughout its licensed service area in the Commonwealth of Virginia pursuant to section 214(e)(6) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended. Word | Acrobat


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