Commission postpones targeting of high-cost universal service support, Nineteenth Order on Reconsideration in CC Docket No. 96-45, and Dissenting Statement of Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth, FCC 99-396 Word | Text

November 1999 Releases

Commission releases an order adopting input values for the forward-looking high-cost model, cc Docket Nos. 96-45, 97-160, FCC 99-304 with appendices ZIP 11/2/99

Commission releases an order implementing a new forward-looking high-cost support mechanism for non-rural carriers, CC Docket No. 96-45, FCC 99-306 Text | WP51 11/2/99

Common Carrier Bureau releases state-by-state universal service high-cost support amounts for non-rural carriers and forward-looking cost model results, CC Docket Nos. 96-45, 97-160, DA 99-2399 Text Word Support Spreadsheet Excel 11/2/99

Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service seeks comment on phasing out the interim hold-harmless provision of the Commission's forward-looking high-cost support mechanism, CC Docket No. 96-45, Public Notice. FCC 990j2: Text | Word

September 1999 Releases

Common Carrier Bureau extends rural carrier re-certification filing deadline. (CC Docket No. 96-45) DA 99-1948: Text | Word 9/30/99

CCB agrees with Washington Commission's proposed service area designation, and grants the requested waiver to permit the disaggregation of federal high cost support currently given at the study area level. (CC Docket No. 96-45) DA 99-1844: Text | WordPerfect 9/15/99

Western Wireless Corporation petitions for designation as an eligible telecommunications carrier and for related waivers to provide services eligible for universal service support to Crow Reservation, Montana. Public Notice: Text | Word, 9/13/99

Commission adopts Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Promoting Deployment and Subscribership in Unserved and Underserved Areas, Including Tribal and Insular Areas. News Release: Text | Word97 FCC 99-204: Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat - Includes Appendix E 9/15/1999

August 1999 Releases

Accounting Policy Division, Common Carrier Bureau grants South Dakota Public Utilities Commission an extension of the dates for comments and replies on Western Wireless' Petition for Preemption of its order denying Western Wireless designation as an eligible telecommunications carrier. Order: Text | WordPerfect, 8/5/99

July 1999 Releases

Line count information from non-rural local exchange carriers and holding companies requested to estimate high cost support. (CC Dkt. Nos. 96-45, 97-160) DA 99-1406: Text | WordPerfect | Attachment: Excel 7/22/1999 Common Carrier Bureau Releases Revised Spreadsheet for Estimating Universal Service Support Using Proposed Input Values in the Forward-Looking Cost Model. (CC Dkt. Nos. 96-45, 97-160) DA 99-1322: Text | WordPerfect 7/2/1999

June 1999 Releases

Common Carrier Bureau Releases Preliminary Results Using Proposed Input Values in the Forward-Looking Cost Model for Universal Service (CC Dkt. Nos. 96-45, 97-160). Public Notice: Text | WordPerfect | Density Workbook: Excel | Wirecenter Workbook: Excel | Results Zip File (206 MB): Zip | Workfiles Zip File (107 MB): Zip 6/16/1999

May 1999 Releases

Commission Releases Order and Further Notice on High Cost Support Mechanism; FCC 99-119: Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat

and Further Notice on Cost Model Inputs, FCC 99-120 (without appendices): Text | WordPerfect | Acrobat
FCC 99-120 (including appendices): Zipped file containing WordPerfect, Word97, & Excel files, 531 KB 5/27/1999

February 1999 Releases

Common Carrier Bureau Releases Preliminary Common Input Values to Facilitate Selection of Final Input Values for the Forward-Looking Cost Model for Universal Service. Public Notice: Text | WordPerfect Spreadsheet: Excel 2/5/99

January 1999 Releases

Common Carrier Bureau Sends List of Rural Telephone Companies to the Universal Service Administrative Company for Purposes of Determining Federal Universal Service High Cost Support Beginning July 1, 1999. Public Notice: Text | WordPerfect, List of Rural Telephone Companies with Study Area Codes: Text | WordPerfect 1/4/99, 1/19/99

FCC Responds to GTE Requests in Two Filings in the Matter of Forward-Looking Mechanism for High Cost Support for Non-Rural LECs. Text | WordPerfect 1/11/99