Women in ICT's Shared Excellence Network (WISENET) is an international online community of women in information, communications, and technology. The goal is to create a space for us to share views and information, and keep in touch with each other's work and accomplishments. Not only will we be able to stay informed about each other's lives, but also it will serve as a bank of resources and contacts we can all use as we plan our respective programs and projects.


There are many websites about women and ICT, but mostly they are about women as a demographic group, and not about encouraging us as individuals and ICT experts to know each other better and to share experiences. I hope that this experimental community can give us each a chance to enlarge our circle of acquaintances, to help us find colleagues and mentors, and to inspire us to higher ambitions both personally and professionally. There is no specific policy, regulatory, or business agenda to this space. Please take advantage of it to share your accomplishments and alert us to upcoming events. Think of it as a forum to ask questions to a community of experts gathered from around the world. Because WISENET is a grassroots effort we rely on each of you to keep it relevant and interesting!

To participate, just post comments directly on the blog posts. Share news about past accomplishments or upcoming events on the Announcements page. Or, you can send in your bio, picture, social networking links, and proposed blog posts to Irene.Wu@fcc.gov.