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Directory of Media Bureau Pages

Aeronautical Frequency Notification
Aeronautical Frequency Notification FAQs
Aeronautical Frequency Notification for Non-cable MVPDs
ALLO AM Daytime Groundwave Preliminary Study
AM Application Status Lists
AM Broadcast Radio Stations
AM Broadcast Station Mailing Address Search
AM Broadcast Station Search
AM Broadcasting Energy-Saving MDCL Waivers
AM Channel, Frequency and Power Conversions
AM Classes - Clear, Regional, and Local Channels
AM Critical Hours Computations -- Section 73.187
AM Figure 8, Section 73.190 Calculations
AM Groundwave Field Strength Graphs (540 to 1700 kHz)
AM Local Sunrise/Sunset Calculations
AM Modification Applications-Blocked
AM Modification Applications-Filed
AM Must Reduce Power, Change Operations, or Cease
     Broadcasting at Night
AM Rules
AM Silent Broadcast Stations Lists
AM Stereo Broadcasting
America Online (AOL)-Time Warner Merger
America Online (AOL) Enbanc Hearing Agenda
Annual Reports to Congress of the FCC (1935-1998)
     and the Federal Radio Commission (1927-1933)
Antenna Structure Registration (ASRN) Records
     Within A Radius
Anti-Drug Abuse Act Certification
AT&T-Comcast Merger

Broadcast Auctions
Broadcast Call Sign Search (since 1980)
Broadcast Self-Inspection Checklist
Broadcast Station Mailing Address Search
Broadcast Station Totals
CableCARD: Know Your Rights
Cable Carriage of Broadcast Stations
Cable Communities Registered With the FCC
Cable Industry Price Survey/2015 Download Site
Cable Operator, Mail Address, and Status Changes
Cable Rules
Cable Signal Leakage
Cable System Registration (Form 322)
Cable Tier Buy-Through Prohibition
Cable TV and Its Regulation
Cable TV Relay Service (CARS) Licenses
Cable TV Relay Service Public Notices
Cable TV -
     Where to File Complaints Regarding Cable Service
Calculate - Terminal Coordinates Given a Bearing
     and a Distance
Call Signs System
Call Signs Users' Guide
Certification of Open Video Systems (OVS)
Certification of Open Video Systems-Archives
Children's Educational Television (Form 398)
Children's Educational Television - Rules and Orders
Children's Television Programming
Children's Television User's Manual
Circle Plot KML File Generator
Class A Television
CLI Calculations
Closed Captioning
COLORIT - HTML Color Generator
Commission Policy Concerning the Noncommercial
     Nature of Educational Broadcasting
Construction Permit for a New Broadcast Radio Station
Construction Permit Information
Customer Service Standards
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Conversions
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
Digital Must Carry
Digital Radio
Digital Television (DTV)
Distance and Azimuths Between 2 Sets of Coordinates
Docketed Proceedings
DTV Frequently Asked Questions
DTV Headlines
DTV Applications and Buildout Topics - Status Reports
EchoStar-DirecTV Merger Page
EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity)
EEO Forms
EEO Rules
Emergency Antennas, Silent Stations, Special Temporary
     Authority (STA) for Broadcast Services
Events and Workshops
Expert List
Fee Filing Guide-2011
Filing Procedures for STA Requests for Increased
     FM Digital Power
Find Community Coordinates
Finding Information About Radio and Television Stations
FM Allotment Channel Finder
FM Antenna Height (HAAT) Calculator
FM Application Status Lists
FM Broadcast Radio Stations
FM Broadcast Station Classes and Service Contours
FM Broadcast Station Mailing Address Search
FM Broadcast Station Zones Map (PDF)
FM Channel, Frequency and Power Conversions
FM Classes and Service Contours
FM Frequencies Ending in an Odd Decimal
FM Modification Applications-Blocked
FM Modification Applications-Filed
FM Pending Community of License Modification
FM Power ERP and FM Station Class Calculations
FM Preliminary Study
FM Propagation Curves Calculations
FM Radio Database Query
FM Rules
FM Separation Requirements
FM Separation Requirements to Canada
FM Separation Requirements to Mexico
FM Separation Standards - FM Channel 253/TV Channel 6
FM Separation Standards -
     (Section 73.215(e)) for Contour Protection Stations
FM Silent Broadcast Stations Lists
FM Super-Powered Maximum Digital ERP Calculator
FM Translator and FM Booster Stations
FM Translator and FM Booster Station Rules
FM Transmission Line Efficiency
FM and TV Propagation Curves Calculations
FM and TV Propagation Curves Graphs
Form 320 FAQs
Form 323 FAQs
Form 323 - Most Common Form 323 Filing Errors
Form 323 - Ownership Report for Commercial Broadcast
Form 323 - Spreadsheet Instructions for Respondents
Free Speech vs. Right to Broadcast
Frequently Asked Q&As by Topic
Government Telecommunications Broadcast Sites
     in Other Countries
Helpful Tips, Form 396 FAQs
History of Television

IBOC Digital Radio Broadcasting for AM and FM Radio
     Broadcast Stations
Inflation Updates for Cable Forms
     (Forms 1210 and 1240)
Issues and Initiatives
Is There a Users' or Reference Guide for the Children’s
     Television Programming Report (Form 398)?
Is There a Users' Guide for the Consolidated Database
     System (CDBS) Electronic Filing System?

Leased Access
License Renewal Applications for Radio
     Broadcast Stations
License Renewal Applications for Television
     Broadcast Stations
Loud Commercials FAQs
Low Power Broadcast Radio Stations
Low Power FM Broadcast Radio Stations (LPFM)
LPFM (Low Power FM) Application Filing Windows
LPFM Broadcast Station Mailing Address Search
LPFM Channel Finder
LPFM Channel, Frequency and Power Conversions
LPFM License Application Process-FAQs
LPFM Rules
LPTV (Low Power Television)
M3 Map of Effective Ground Conductivity in the USA
Main Studio Rules
Media Bureau Main Page
Media Bureau Previous Page
Media Ownership
Media Ownership Rules Review
Media Ownership Studies
Mergers and Acquisitions
Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL)
MDCL Waivers Granted to Stations (Excel List)
Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs)
New Visitors - Finding Information About Radio and
     Television Stations
Noncommercial Nature of Educational Broadcasting
Non-Reserved Broadcast Channel Headlines

Obscene, Indecent and Profane Broadcasts
Office of Audio Division
Office of the Bureau Chief
Office of Communications & Industry Information
Office of Engineering Division
Office of Industry Analysis Division
Office of Management and Resources Staff Division
Office of Policy Division
Office of Video Division (including TV)
Open Video System (OVS) Filings
Organizational Chart
Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule (OTARD)
OVS - Archived Filings
OVS - Notices of Intent Filings

Peer Review
Peer Review/Third Party Commenter-Submitted Studies
Penalties for Operation Without a Permit or License
Placement of Dishes and Antennas/Over-the-Air
     Reception Devices Rule (OTARD)
Political Programming
Program Content Regulations
The Public and Broadcasting - July 2008
Public Inspection File Access and Information
Public Television
Public, Educational, and Governmental Access
     Channels (PEG Channels)
"Quiet Spots" Between Stations on the Dial
How to Apply for a Radio Broadcast Station
Radio Act of 1927
Radio Broadcast Links
Radio Broadcast Rules
Radio Broadcast Stations-Renewal Applications
Radio Information
Radio Subcarriers or Subsidiary Communications
     Authority (SCA)
Religious Broadcasting Order
Resource Materials
Retransmission Consent
Rural Telecommunications
Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of
     2010 (STELA)
Signal Leakage Performance Report
Source Code
Special Temporary Authority (STA)
STA Requests Filing Procedures
Staff Research Papers
Statutes and Rules on Candidate Appearances & Advertising
Subscriber Signal Quality Standards FAQs
How to Apply for a Television Broadcast Station
Television Antenna Height (HAAT) Calculator
Television Broadcast Rules
Television Broadcast Station Mailing Address Search
Television Broadcast Stations-Renewal Applications
Television Broadcast Stations on Satellite
Television Channel, Frequency and Power Conversions
Television Channel to Frequency Band
Television Database Query
Television Information
Television Propagation Curves Calculations
Terminal Coordinates Given Bearing/Distance Calculation
Tower Siting Information Guide
Travelers' Information Stations Search
Tribune Ex Parte Meeting Request Form
Unattended Operation of Radio and TV Broadcast Stations
Unlicensed Operation

Video Description

Audio Division Headlines
Equal Employment Opportunity Headlines
FM Table of Allotment Rulemaking Headlines
IBOC Digital Radio Broadcasting Headlines
Low Power FM Broadcast Radio Stations
Media Bureau Headlines
MB Reports on Industry/Cable Pricing & Comp.
Non-Reserved Broadcast Channels Headlines
Policy Division Headlines
Satellite TV Extension and Localism Act (STELA)
Video Division Headlines

CDBS (Consolidated Database System)
CDBS Account Login
CDBS Application ID Search
CDBS Database Download
CDBS Database Files
CDBS Electronic Filing User's Guide
CDBS FCC Registration (FRN) Number
CDBS Search
CDBS System Status
COALS (Cable Operations and Licensing System)
COALS User Manual
EEO Filing Search
Electioneering Communications Database
Electronic Filing and Databases
FCC Databases
FCC Online Filing
Media Bureau Databases

CARS (Cable Television Relay Service) Weekly
     Public Notices
Engineering Documents
Index of Documents
Media Bureau Fee Filing Guide
Radio Broadcasting Legal Documents
Reports and Surveys

AM, FM Broadcast/Radio and TV Query
Related External Web Pages
Search Title 47 CFR by Section Number

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