Aimed specifically at practitioners and power users, provides users with the ability to link to specific paragraphs within a page, and to share, send, or save highlighted passages.

Linking to Specific Paragraphs

Visitors to FCC.Gov can link to specific paragraphs within a page, simply:

  1. Tap the Shift key twice
  2. You should see a small paragraph mark or pilcrow next to each paragraph
  3. Click the icon next to the paragraph to which you want to link
  4. You’ll notice the URL in your browser’s location bar updates
  5. You can bookmark that URL, paste it in a document or share it with a colleague, just like you would any other URL. When someone accesses that URL, their browser will automatically focus on the paragraph you’ve selected.

Highlighting Individual Sentences

Want to draw a visitor’s attention to specific sentence?

  1. Double tap the shift key
  2. Click within a paragraph to select the paragraph. The paragraph should appear slightly grayed to indicate it is selected.
  3. Click any sentence within that paragraph you would like to highlight
  4. You can always, click the sentence a second time to remove the highlight
  5. Repeat the process with as many or as few sentences as you would like
  6. When you are done, simply bookmark the page or copy the URL from the location bar at the top of the screen. That URL can be shared or saved just like any other URL and will always display your highlights just as you left them.

Note:This feature does not currently work in Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, but support for all browsers is expected shortly.