Information Systems (IS) audits include audits of all aspects of the Commission’s information systems program. In 1994, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) established an Information Systems audit capability. Since that time, the OIG has conducted a variety of Information System audits and special reviews including full scope audits of remote network access to limited scope Internet penetration studies. Initially, most of the review work focused on the security of critical components of the Commission’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, however, increasingly OIG reviews are focusing on other aspects of the Commission’s Information Resource Management program including the systems development process and management of mission-critical applications.

Ongoing on-going IS audit activities include audits of the following components of the Commission information systems program:

  • information resource management;

  • application development and modification;

  • end-user and departmental computing;

  • application data integrity;

  • telecommunications;

  • security; and

  • contingency planning.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015