Section 6 of the Inspector General Act gives the IG authority to obtain the following documents from the agency: all records, reports, audits, reviews, recommendations, and other materials that relate to FCC programs and operations.

This section of the statute also authorizes the IG to issue subpoenas to obtain documents from outside the Federal government. Access to financial records is authorized under the Right to Financial Privacy Act.


Government employees mainly participate in OIG investigations by providing information to investigators and participating in interviews.

The vast majority of employees voluntarily consent to interviews and fully cooperate by supplying information and documents within their control. Employees who do not voluntarily cooperate may be ordered by a supervisor to appear for an interview with an OIG investigator. Employees who disobey such an order may be disciplined, subject to any employee rights discussed below. Of course, false statements made in the course of an investigation may be subject to both criminal and administrative penalties.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015