Informal Working Group- 2 -- Organization

Documents submitted to IWG-2 (ECFS)

IWG-2_001 Agenda (09.09.20)
IWG-2_002 IWG-2 Terms of Reference (09.09.20)
IWG-2_003 Guidelines for Draft Preliminary Views (09.09.20)
IWG-2_004 Guidelines for Draft Proposals (09.09.20)
IWG-2_005 NTIA Preliminary View Letter(09.09.20)
IWG-2_006r1 Meeting 1 Minutes Revised 1
IWG-2_007r2 Meeting 2 Agenda Revised 2
IWG-2_008 Agenda Item 1.1 Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_009r1 Agenda Item 1.2 3300 Draft Preliminary Views Revised 1
IWG-2_010 Agenda Item 1.2 3600 Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_011 Agenda Item 1.2 6 GHz Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_012 Agenda Item 1.2 10 GHz Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_013 Agenda Item 1.3 Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_014 Agenda Item 1.4 Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_015 Agenda Item 1.5 Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_016 Agenda Item 9.1 Topic B Draft Preliminary Views
IWG-2_008r1 AI_1.1_PV_for_WAC_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_009r2 AI_1.2_3300_draft_PV_for_WAC_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_010r2 AI_1.2_3600_draft_PV_for_WAC_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_011r1 AI 1.2 6 GHz_draft_PV_for_WAC_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_012r1 AI_1.2_10 GHz_draft_PV_for_WAC_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_013r1 AI_1.3_draft_PV_for_WAC_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_014 AI_1.4_draft_PV_for_WAC_(09.23.20).docx
IWG-2_015 AI_1.5_draft_PV_for_WAC_(09.23.20).docx
IWG-2_016r1 AI9.1_topic_b_draft_PV_for_WAC_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_017 Meeting_2_Minutes_(10.07.20).docx
IWG-2_018 Mtg3 Agenda_(10.07.20).docx


Monday, August 31, 2020