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Michael J. Copps, Statements of

2011 Statements

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February 2011 Statements

FCC Advances Data Innovation Initiative
FCC 11-14 | FCC 11-15

January 2011 Statements


2010 Statements

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September 2010 Statements

FCC Takes Action to Improve Wireless 9-1-1 Services.
2nd R&O | FNRPM & NOI

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2009 Statements

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September 2009 Statements

The Announcement by Chairman Genachowski of his Intent to Launch an Internet Freedom Proceeding.
News Release

August 2009 Statements


July 2009 Statements


June 2009 Statements

Visit to Los Angeles in the Homestretch Before the Digital Transition.
New Release

May 2009 Statements

Report on Broadband Strategy for Rural America.
News Release | Report

April 2009 Statements


March 2009 Statements


February 2009 Statements

Responds to Congressional Questions on DTV Transition.

January 2009 Statements

Announces David Furth as acting Chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
New Release

2008 Statements

Decemmber 2008 Statements


November 2008 Statements

Commissioner Copps To Visit Milwaukee & Green Bay For DTV Outreach
News Release
Commission Addresses Applications for 700 MHz Band Licenses of Union Telephone Company and Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless, Auction No. 73.
Joint Statement with Commissioner Adelstein

October 2008 Statements

Table of Allotments for FM Broadcast Stations in Evergreen, Alabama, and Shalimar, Florida.
Copps & Adelstein Statement
Table of Allotments For FM Broadcast Stations in Lincoln and Sherman, Illinois.
Copps & Adelstein Statement

September 2008 Statements


August 2008 Statements

Commission Approves Transaction Between Sirius Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc. Subject to Conditions.
MO&O and R&O

July 2008 Statements


June 2008 Statements


May 2008 Statements


April 2008 Statements


March 2008 Statements

FCC Expands, Improves Broadband Data Collection.
Statement on Broadband Data | Statement on 706 Report

February 2008 Statements


January 2008 Statements


2007 Statements

December 2007 Statements


November 2007 Statements


October 2007 Statements

FCC Grants Embarq, Frontier and Citizens Forbearance
Joint Statement with Commissioner Adelstein
FCC to Hold Localism Hearing and Open Commission Meeting, Wednesday, October 31, 2007.
Joint Statement with Commissioner Adelstein
Notified Sonshine Family Television and Sinclair Broadcast Group of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture.
Joint Statement with Commissioner Adelstein
FCC Grants AT&T Forbearance.
Joint Statement with Commissioner Adelstein

September 2007 Statements


October 2007 Statements

FCC Replaces Outmoded Long-Distance Rules With New Protections For Consumers.
Joint Statement with Commissioner Adelstein

July 2007 Statements

Press Statement on Senate Commerce Committee Passage of 'Protecting Children from Indecent Programming Act.'
News Release
Review of the Emergency Alert System; Independent Spanish Broadcasters Association, the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ, Inc., and the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, Petition for Immediate Relief.

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January 2007 Statements


2006 Statements

December 2006 Statements


November 2006 Statements

Comments on the FCC's Media Ownership Studies.
News Release
Announces Staff Changes.
News Release

October 2006 Statements


September 2006 Statements

FCC Adopts Annual Report on State of Competition in the Wireless Industry.
Word | Acrobat

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2005 Statements

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February 2005 Statements

FCC Moves to Replace Outmoded Rules Governing Intercarrier Compensation.
News Release

January 2005 Statements


2004 Statements

December 2004 Statements

Announcing Agenda For Forum On Media Concentration In St. Paul, MN On December 9
News Release

November 2004 Statements


October 2004 Statements


September 2004 Statements


August 2004 Statements

FCC and Emmis Communications Corporation Enter Into $300,000 Consent Decree Concerning Indecency Restrictions.
Word | Acrobat

July 2004 Statements


June 2004 Statements


May 2004 Statements


April 2004 Statements


March 2004 Statements

Press Statement with Chairman Powell and Commissioners Abernathy, Martin and Adelstein On Triennial Review Next Steps
News Release

February 2004 Statements

Testimony on Indecency
Summary | Senate Testimony | House Testimony

January 2004 Statements


2003 Statements

December 2003 Statements

Infinity Broadcasting Operations, Inc., Licensee of Stations WKRK-FM, Detroit, Michigan, Forfeiture Order
Part 1 | Part 2

November 2003 Statements


October 2003 Statements


September 2003 Statements


August 2003 Statements


July 2003 Statements

Commissioners Copps and Adelstein Call for Vote on Stay and Reconsideration of Media Concentration Proposals
News Release | Letter to Chairman Powell

June 2003 Statements

2002 Biennial Regulatory Review - Review of the Commission's Broadcast Ownership Rules and Other Rules Adopted Pursuant to Section 202 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Statement | Bench Remarks | News Release

May 2003 Statements


April 2003 Statements


March 2003 Statements


February 2003 Statements


January 2003 Statements


2002 Statements

December 2002 Statements

Sunset of the BOC Separate Affiliate
Public Notice | Order FCC 02-336
Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service.
Text | Acrobat

November 2002 Statements


October 2002 Statements


September 2002 Statements


August 2002 Statements


July 2002 Statements


June 2002 Statements


May 2002 Statements


April 2002 Statements


March 2002 Statements

Improving Public Safety Communications in the 800 MHz Band; Consolidating the 900 MHz Industrial/Land Transportation and Business Pool Channels

February 2002 Statements

Establishment of Rules Governing Procedures to Be Followed When Informal Complaints Are Filed by Consumers Against Entities Regulated by the Commission
Appropriate Framework for Broadband Access to the Internet over Wireline Facilities; Universal Service Obligations of Broadband Providers

January 2002 Statements


2001 Statements

December 2001 Statements

Review of the Section 251 Unbundling Obligations of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking; and Review of Regulatory Requirements for Incumbent LEC Broadband Telecommunications Services, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Relocation and Service Rules for the 698-746 MHz Spectrum Band (Television Channels 52-59) (GN Docket No. 01-14, Report and Order)

November 2001 Statements


October 2001 Statements


September 2001 Statements


August 2001 Statements


July 2001 Statements


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