The purpose of this policy is to allow persons who regularly visit the Commission facilities in Washington DC to conduct official FCC Business, to request an identification badge authorizing limited physical access. These persons may request an Official Business Visitor Identification Badge (OBVIB). This badge is issued as follows:

  • Persons who regularly visit the Commission facilities in Washington, DC to conduct official FCC Business.
  • Persons requesting an OBVIB are required to have an FCC "Sponsor" (FCC Bureau/Office, or "B/O") in order to obtain an OBVIB. Sponsorship requires the B/O to validate that the Requestor is regularly required to visit the Commission to conduct official FCC Business. Additionally, the B/O is required to monitor the visitation of the Requestor and inform the FCC Security Operations Center (SOC) when the OBVIB is no longer required and/or the B/O no longer wishes to sponsor the Requestor. Finally, the B/O or the B/O being visited is required to provide a POC and Escort (for access beyond any security card-reader leading to FCC Staff Workspace) for all sponsored visitors. Journalists requesting an OBVIB should contact the Office of Media Relations (mediarelations@fcc.gov).


The following procedures are required for requesting an OBVIB:

  • Individuals who would like to request an OBVIB should send an e-mail to the FCC Security Operations Center (SOC); OBVIBProgram@fcc.gov. The SOC will e-mail the Requestor the OBVIB Request Form – FCC Form 210 (October 2014).
  • The requestor will fill out Part I of the OBVIB Request Form (FCC Form 210), and submit it to the sponsoring Bureau/Office, which is then responsible for ensuring that Part 2 is completed, and returning the form to the Requestor. NOTE: The Form 210 must be signed by the B/O Chief, Deputy Chief, or ABC for Management. The Requestor must provide the signed FCC Form 210 to the SOC at least one (1) week prior to a scheduling an appointment for OBVIB Processing. The completed forms may be faxed to (202) 418-1092, or e-mailed to OBVIBProgram@fcc.gov.
  • Once the SOC has reviewed the FCC Form 210; the SOC will contact the Requestor to schedule an appointment for the OBVIB to be issued. OBVIB's will not be processed/issued on a walk-in basis.
  • The OBVIB will be issued for a period of one (1) year. OBVIB-Holders will be allowed to renew their visitor badge no earlier than 30 days prior to the expiration date printed on the OBVIB. OBVIB's will be renewed, by appointment only, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1430 PM to 1630 PM at the FCC Security Operations Center (SOC), (202) 418-7884. If the OBVIB-Holder allows the badge to expire, a new request (FCC Form 210) will be required. OBVIBs may be renewed annually for 5 years without providing a new FCC Form 210.


  • OBVIB-Holders may only enter/exit the FCC at the 12th Street Entrance (exception is Portals I, where the badge-holder is received and screened at the 6th Floor Security Checkpoint). OBVIB-Holders are not authorized to exit/re-enter to/from the Capitol Café through either of the Courtyard Access points (CY West or CY North). However, as with regular White Visitor Badge-Holders; OBVIB-Holder may be escorted out/in Courtyard Access points by an FCC Host. OBVIB access is restricted to 0700-1800, Monday-Friday. OBVIB use will not be authorized after-hours or on weekends. Visitors after-hours and on weekends will be processed as regular visitors and receive a White Visitor's Badge.
  • OBVIB-Holders are required to complete security screening (magnetometer and x-ray) when accessing the building (regardless of how many times the badge-holder enters/exits the building).
  • OBVIB-Holders have unescorted access only to the Public Areas of the building, and must be escorted at all times when in Non-Public Areas (beyond any security card-reader with direct access to FCC Staff Workspace) within the building.
  • OBVIB's are to be clearly displayed (upper torso affixed to lanyard provided) at all times while in the building. The OBVIB shall not be displayed outside the building, and must be removed and secured immediately upon exiting the building.
  • The OBVIB-Holder is required to immediately report if they change employers or any of their previously-provided information changes.
  • The loss or compromise of an OBVIB must be reported immediately to the FCC Security Operations Center (SOC), (202) 418-7884. NOTE: A lost OBVIB will be re-issued only once. The loss of a second OBVIB will result in the requirement for a new request (FCC Form 210). A third loss will result in permanent revocation of the OBVIB.
  • The intentional Misuse/Compromise of an OBVIB is a serious security violation and will result in the immediate and permanent revocation of the OBVIB. NOTE: An FCC OBVIB will not be utilized as identification for any other Federal Agency or private entity. Examples of misuse/compromise include:
    • Not properly displaying the OBVIB while in the building as required.
    • Attempting to bypass a security card-reader by following an employee into a controlled area (piggy-backing).
    • Displaying the OBVIB when outside the building.
    • Using the OBVIB for identification for access to another federal agency or another federal/commercial entity (airports, office buildings, etc).


The authority for the Official Business Visitor Identification Badge (OBVIB) is the Office of the Managing Director, Associate Managing Director for Administration and Operations, Security Operations Center.