Media Ownership Workshop - Public Interest Group Panel, 11/3/09

Andrew Jay Schwartzman, Media Access Project

Andrew Jay Schwartzman is the President and CEO of Media Access Project (MAP). He has directed the organization since June, 1978.

MAP is a non-profit public interest telecommunications law firm which represents the public in promoting the First Amendment rights to speak and to hear. It seeks to promote creation of a well informed electorate by insuring vigorous debate in a free marketplace of ideas. It has been the chief legal strategist in efforts to oppose major media mergers and preserve policies promoting diversity in the media and on the Internet.

Mr. Schwartzman is a faculty member of the Johns Hopkins University School of Arts and Sciences, where he teaches in its Master of Communication Program. He belongs to the Commission's Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age and is a board member of the Minority Media Telecommunications Council and the Media and Democracy Coalition.




Thursday, May 14, 2015