There are any number of talented, dedicated staff at the FCC and Mae is one of them. Mae Hall is a member of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) and has been at the Commission since June 21, 1971. She started working at the Commission the Monday after she graduated high school and has loved every minute of it. She spent her first 25 years in the Media Bureau. She started as a secretary in the Hearing Division, then moved on to become a Communications Analyst in the Television Branch, and later worked as a Telecommunication Analyst in the Low Power Television Branch. In 1996, she became a part of WTB as a paralegal in the Auctions and Industry Analysis Division; currently she is a Management / Program Analyst in what is now the Auctions and Spectrum Access Division, working primarily with default payment issues and performing paralegal duties for the Auctions Legal and Policy team.

Over the years, Mae has volunteered for many activities. She has consistently worked with the Combined Federal Campaign and was one of many who volunteered for the DTV Transition outreach effort. For DTV she worked primarily in the Southwest Region conducting outreach activities for consumers and assisting local broadcasters with outreach efforts to ensure all were DTV ready. She worked in both urban as well as rural areas of Texas. Her most memorable day was the day she spent at a Senior Citizens Center in Amarillo, TX. She initially showed up to drop off coupon applications but instead stayed the entire day assisting seniors with converter box hookups and demonstrations and spending time with them. Mae left only after every question had been answered and she'd heard every "life story." She found it very rewarding and fulfilling.

Mae is from Washington, DC. and has lived in this area her whole life. She currently lives in Bowie, MD with her husband of 30 years, Everrett Hall. Together they have two daughters and two grandchildren. She loves attending sporting events, and is very active in her church and loves to cook. Mae says that she enjoys sports. She and her husband have season tickets for Georgetown University's basketball, the Washington Nationals, and the Washington Redskins. She played on the Mass Media Bureau's softball team, in the Communications Softball League, for around seven years. Mae says her claim to fame is that she has played basketball with both Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning.

Mae says she has stayed at the FCC for so long because of the great people she's worked with, and because she really enjoys the work. For her, the people with whom she's worked have provided a "home-like" atmosphere. Mae has so many friends at the Commission who she says will always be a part of her life. She sums up her time at the Commission by saying "I LOVE this job!"