November 8, 2010 - 1:15 pm

(Part of the ongoing WISENET Series)

In Serbia, we spearheaded the initiative to create a “Global Network of Women ICT Decision-Makers” with a proposal for amending Resolution 70 at the recent ITU Plenipot in Guadalajara, Mexico.  The main idea behind the network is to promote careers for young women in ICT, as well as encourage women and girls of all ages to use ICTs for social and economic empowerment. The main promoters of women in ICT will be the women already working in the sector, as there are a growing number of women in the ICT field with decision-making power, including relevant Ministries, national regulatory authorities, and the industry itself. Our intention is to bring together these women, on a global scale, through the “Global Network of Women ICT Decision-Makers” utilizing the international coverage ITU provides; and we have made great progress -- Resolution 70 was adopted on October 18, 2010.

Also, there is an additional effort to establish international Girls in ICT/Girl's Day to be held on every fourth Thursday of April.  This day would be a time when ICT companies, other companies with ICT departments, ICT training facilities, universities, research centers, government bodies, and all ICT-related institutions are invited to organize an open day for girls, where girls could see for themselves what a career in the field might bring, freely ask questions, or have speakers take part in a specially focused "women in ITC career days " at their local schools.  These ICT companies could also organize shadow projects (where girls could shadow a woman-leader in ICT for one or several days).  I would like to use this opportunity to invite you to join us in our initiative, as well as link in your initiative to the "virtual" network in an effort to create a "real" network for women and girls.

Ms. Jasna Matic is an elected Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society in Serbia.  She has more than fifteen years of experience in public service, international organizations, Serbian and international business and political environment.