June 16, 2011 - 3:37 pm
By Kathy McLucas | Technologies, Systems and Innovation Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

Today, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announced that new procedures for parties that file “up front” regulatory fees take effect on June 21, 2011.  The change involves certain wireless services that are required to pay a regulatory fee for the term of a license when an initial license application or renewal application is filed.  The wireless services where these changes apply are listed below.

Currently, both application fees and regulatory fees are included under a single fee payment type code as a single line item on FCC Form 159, Remittance Advice (Form 159).  Effective June 21, 2011, application fees and regulatory fees will have separate fee payment type codes, respectively, and must be listed as separate line items on the Form 159. 

These procedures do not apply to parties that pay annual regulatory fees.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure a smooth transition. 

1)  File applications online through the Universal Licensing System (ULS) and take advantage of the feature in ULS that generates a Form 159 with the application fees and regulatory fees calculated, and the appropriate fee payment type codes already completed.

2)  If you choose to complete the Form 159 on your own, consult the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Fee Filing Guide for information on the appropriate fees, including the fee payment type codes, based on the wireless service and the type of application filing.

3) If you still have questions, contact our Universal Licensing System customer support center by either submitting an online request or contacting them at (877) 480-3201, option #2.

Wireless Services Where Changes Apply

  • Part 22 - Rural Radiotelephone Service
  • Part 80 - Marine Coast Radio Service
  • Part 80 - Ship Radio Service
  • Part 87 - Aircraft Radio Service
  • Part 87 - Aviation Ground Radio Service
  • Part 90 - Land Mobile Radio Service -   Freqs below 470 MHz (except 220 MHz) 902-928 MHz & Radiolocation, 3650-3700 MHz Band (PMRS), and Intelligent Transportation Service
  • Part 90 - Land Mobile Radio Service - Freqs 470 MHz and above and 220 MHz (Local)
  • Part 90 - Land Mobile Radio Service - 220 MHz Nationwide
  • Part 95 - 218 - 219 MHz Radio Service
  • Part 95 - General Mobile Radio Service
  • Part 101 - Common Carrier Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS)
  • Part 101 - Common Carrier Point-to-Point Microwave, Local Television Transmission Service and Millimeter Wave Service
  • Part 101 - Private Point-to-Point Microwave Service and Private Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS)