Speech: Statement on Open Internet Public Notice

12:00 pm EDT
Washington, D.C.

Julius Genachowski
Federal Communications Commission
September 1, 2010

Over the past months we have worked to preserve the freedom and openness of the Internet, based on the conviction that an open Internet is vital to innovation and private investment, competition, and free speech.

These efforts — including the dedicated work of FCC staff and participation by a broad range of stakeholders — have over time changed the terms of a longstanding and acrimonious debate. We have moved from a world of four disputed and unenforceable open Internet principles — about blocking by broadband providers of lawful online content, applications, and services — toward the acceptance of six enforceable rules: the original four principles plus the concepts of nondiscrimination and transparency. These would prevent broadband providers from wrongly playing favorites with lawful Internet speech or businesses, and would empower consumers and entrepreneurs with information about broadband choices and networks.

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