Twitter chat with Gigi Sohn on #FCCNetNeutrality

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

The Internet is America’s most important platform for innovation, economic growth and free expression. And yet, despite two prior FCC attempts to implement and enforce Open Internet safeguards, there are no rules on the books to prevent broadband providers from limiting Internet openness by blocking or discriminating against consumers and entrepreneurs online. Ahead of the FCC’s vote on proposed rules to promote and protect an Open Internet, Gigi B. Sohn, FCC Senior Counsel for External Affairs for FCC Chairman Wheeler, will be answering your questions via Twitter. Please submit your questions using the hashtag #FCCNetNeutrality.

#FCCNetNeutrality Twitter Chat Details:


  • Gigi Sohn, Special Counsel for External Affairs, Office of the Chairman, Federal Communications Commission Tweets from (@GigiBSohnFCC).

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