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December 2022 Open Commission Meeting

10:30 am - 12:30 pm EST
FCC Headquarters, 45 L Street NE, Washington, DC 20554

The FCC held this Open Meeting on the subjects listed below:

Public Drafts of Meeting Items – The FCC is publicly releasing the draft text of each item expected to be considered at this Open Commission Meeting with the exception of items involving specific, enforcement-related matters including restricted proceedings and hearing designation orders. One-page cover sheets are included in the public drafts to help summarize each item. Links to these materials are provided below.

  • Preventing Digital Discrimination
    The Commission considered a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would take the next step in the Commission’s efforts to promote equal access to broadband by seeking comment on potential rules to address digital discrimination of access to broadband, consistent with Congress’s direction in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. (GN Docket No. 22-69)
  • Satellite Application Processing
    The Commission considered a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment on changes to its rules, policies, or practices to facilitate the acceptance for filing of satellite and earth station applications under Part 25 to help Commission processing stay apace with the number of innovative satellite applications in the new space age. (IB Docket No. 22-411, 22-271)
  • Improving Wireless 911 Call Routing
    The Commission considered a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding a proposal to require wireless carriers and covered text providers to implement location-based routing on their networks in order to reduce misrouting of wireless 911 calls and texts and improve emergency response times. (PS Docket No. 18-64)
  • Improving Accessible Phone Services
    The Commission considered a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order on Reconsideration to propose Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Fund compensation for Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS), propose a technical amendment to the compensation formula for Internet Protocol Relay Service (IP Relay), and resolve petitions for reconsideration of a prior order setting IP CTS compensation. (CG Docket Nos. 22-408, 03-123, 13-24)
  • Proposed Fine Against Auto Warranty Scam Robocaller
    The Commission considered a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture which proposes a nearly $300 Million fine against Cox/Jones Enterprise for apparently violating federal anti-robocalling and spoofing laws with a robocall scheme that made more than 5 billion robocalls to more than half a billion phone numbers during a three-month span in 2021.

Meeting Documents

FCC Takes Next Steps to Combat Digital Discrimination

FCC Takes Latest Step to Improve Satellite Application Processing

FCC Proposes Rules to Improve Routing of Wireless 911 Calls and Texts

FCC Proposes New Rules for Captioned Phone Calls

FCC Proposes Largest Fine Ever Against Auto Warranty Scam Robocaller

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