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NORS -- CSRIC Best Practices Result

CSRIC Best Practices Result

Detailed Information for the Best Practice: 9-8-0551

Number 9-8-0551
Priority Important
Description SS7 Network Design: Network Operators should design their SS7 network components and interfaces consistent with the base security guidelines of the NIIF Reference document Part 3, Appendix I. This document provides guidance for desirable security features for any network element (call agent, feature server, soft switch, cross connect, gateway, database) to reduce the risk of potentially service affecting security compromises of the signaling networks supporting the public telephone network. It identifies security functionality, which should be in place by design, device or procedure. It includes an assessment framework series of checklists.
Network Type(s) Wireline
Industry Role(s) Network Operator
Keyword(s) Cyber Security;Network Elements;Network Interoperability;Network Operations;
Network Interconnection Interoperability Forum (NIIF)
Reference Document NIIF 5001
The NIIF Interconnection Template (Network Interconnection Bilateral Agreement Template), Issue 3.0