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NORS -- CSRIC Best Practices Result

CSRIC Best Practices Result

Detailed Information for the Best Practice: 9-8-8000

Number 9-8-8000
Priority Important
Description Disable Unnecessary Services: Service Providers and Network Operators should establish a process, during design/implementation of any network/service element or management system, to identify potentially vulnerable, network-accessible services (such as Network Time Protocol (NTP), Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), Finger, Rsh-type commands, etc.) and either disable, if unneeded, or provided additional compensating controls, such as proxy servers, firewalls, or router filter lists, if such services are required for a business purpose.
Network Type(s) Internet/Data
Industry Role(s) Service Provider; Network Operator
Keyword(s) Cyber Security;Network Design;Network Elements;Network Operations;
Reference/Comments Configuration guides for security from NIST (800-53 Rev. 3), NSA (Security Configuration Guides), and Center For Internet Security (CIS Benchmarks).