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NORS -- CSRIC Best Practices Result

CSRIC Best Practices Result

Detailed Information for the Best Practice: 9-8-8058

Number 9-8-8058
Priority Important
Description Protect Cellular Service from Anonymous Use: Service Providers and Network Operators should prevent theft of service and anonymous use by enabling strong user authentication as per cellular/wireless standards. Employ fraud detection systems to detect subscriber calling anomalies (e.g. two subscribers using same ID or system access from a single user from widely dispersed geographic areas). In cloning situation remove the ESN to disable user thus forcing support contact with service provider. Migrate customers away from analog service if possible due to cloning risk.
Network Type(s) Wireless
Industry Role(s) Service Provider; Network Operator
Keyword(s) Cyber Security;Intrusion Detection;
Reference/Comments Telcordia GR-815. Cellular Standards: GSM, PCS2000, CDMA, 1XRTT, UMTS, etc.