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NORS -- CSRIC Best Practices Result

CSRIC Best Practices Result

Detailed Information for the Best Practice: 9-9-0504

Number 9-9-0504
Priority Highly Important
Description Network Operators, Service Providers, and Public Safety, in order to facilitate asset management and increase the likelihood of having usable spares in emergency restorations, should consider maintaining "hot spares" (e.g., circuit packs electronically plugged in and interfacing with any element management system) as opposed to being stored in a cabinet for mission critical elements.
Network Type(s) Cable; Internet/Data; Satellite; Wireless; Wireline
Industry Role(s) Service Provider; Network Operator
Keyword(s) Emergency Preparedness;Hardware;Network Elements;Network Operations;Network Provisioning;Procedures;
Reference/Comments To determine appropriateness of this Best Practice, certain factors should be considered, including redundancy, single points of failures (SPOF) for critical subscribers, etc.