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NORS -- CSRIC Best Practices Result

CSRIC Best Practices Result

Detailed Information for the Best Practice: 9-9-8773

Number 9-9-8773
Priority Important
Description Social Engineering: Network Operators, Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers should establish policies in preventing socially engineered attacks, but perhaps the most important step is educating employees to make them aware of the danger of social engineering. Source:

• Training the front-line employees through case studies and understanding the need to recognize social engineering threats and its harmful consequences. The training must include:

1- Be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, visits, or email messages from individuals asking about employees or other internal information. If an unknown individual claims to be from a legitimate organization, try to verify his or her identity directly with the company.

2- Do not provide personal information or information about your organization, including its structure or networks, unless you are certain of a person's authority to have the information.

3- Do not reveal personal or financial information in email, and do not respond to email solicitations for this information. This includes following links sent in email.

4- Don't send sensitive information over the Internet before checking a website's security (see Protecting Your Privacy for more information).

5- Pay attention to the URL of a website. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., .com vs. .net).

6- If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, try to verify it by contacting the company directly. Do not use contact information provided on a website connected to the request; instead, check previous statements for contact information. Information about known phishing attacks is also available online from groups such as the Anti-Phishing Working Group (
Network Type(s) Cable; Internet/Data; Satellite; Wireless; Wireline
Industry Role(s) Service Provider; Network Operator; Equipment Supplier; Property Manager
Keyword(s) Cyber Security;Intrusion Detection;Policy;Training and Awareness;
Reference/Comments Source: 2009 Carnegie Mellon University, Author: Mindi McDowell posted on: Note: This Best practice could impact 9-1-1 operations.