Organizing, searching and finding important content in the volume of documents which are published by the Commission is a daunting task. The Content API module makes our content accessible to any application or platform, while leveraging Drupal’s strengths as a content management system (CMS). Encouraging the ability to easily publish content to multiple applications and devices promotes transparency and accessibility.

Content & Single Node Lookup

This API returns hundreds of thousands of Commission documents available to the public, in addition to all of the content on FCC.gov.
https://www.fcc.gov/api/content/ (default return XML)
https://www.fcc.gov/api/content/[nid]/ (default return XML)
Example Request
Parameter Type Description
nid optional integer

The node id of the content.

fields optional string

Displays all node fields, including body, topics, taxonomy, fields etc.

Valid values: all

format optional string

Format for the returned results.

Valid values: XML (default), JSON


Query content using various parameter filters.
Example Request
https://www.fcc.gov/api/content.json?search_string=Open Commission Meeting&type=event&changed_after=2017-12-01
https://www.fcc.gov/api/content.json?title=December 2017 Open Commission Meeting
Parameter Type Description
search_string optional string

Searches content titles for the input string.

type optional string

Search content by type.

Valid values: See full list of types.

title optional string

Exact title search. For this to work, you must know the exact title of the piece(s) of content you want to retrieve.

created_before optional string (YYYY-MM-DD (inclusive))

Search for content created before the specified date.

created_after optional string (YYYY-MM-DD)

Search for content created after the specified date.

changed_before optional string (YYYY-MM-DD)

Search for content changed before the specified date.

changed_after optional string (YYYY-MM-DD)

Search for content changed after the specified date.

limit optional integer

Limit the total number of results shown on each page of results. There can be a maximum number of results returned to the user set by an administrator. Unless this parameter is specified, 10 results will be returned.

page optional integer

Results page to return.

format optional string

Format for the returned results.

Valid values: XML (default), JSON

The first result in any query contains count and page values. The count is how many items match your query, and the page is how many pages exist with your current limit parameter. Pagination starts at 0.

  "count": "163537",
  "pages": 16354,
  "itemsPerPage": 10,
  "currentPage": 0

Parameter Values


Available Content Types
auctions initiatives guide working_paper event
blog map transaction page report
edoc (Commission Documents)
Friday, January 19, 2018