This API returns the LPFM channels available at given coordinates along with interfering stations.
The analysis considers the acceptable LPFM channels and determines which of these channels will be less likely to suffer interference from authorized stations. The analysis only considers spacing, and assumes that the interfering stations are operating with the reference facilities for the FM station's class. While helpful, the results should not take the place of a thorough analysis of all options by a broadcast consulting engineer.
If interference to a specific channel is possible, the API will return the call sign, channel, channel relationships (same channel OR first adjacent channel OR second adjacent channel), actual separation (in km), and minimum required separation for no interference within the 60 dBu contour (based on reference facilities and flat terrain).
Because the FM database constantly changes, there is no guarantee that channels represented as "available" will be technically acceptable at the time of application filing.

Background Information

The LPFM API return is based on the algorithms developed for the FCC’s Low Power FM Channel Finder tool. Additional information on the Channel Finder tool, available options and background, as well as the tool itself can be found at:
Endpoint -
API URL[latitude]/long/[longitude]?format=[format]&secondchannel=[secondChannel]
Example Request
Parameter Type Description
Latitude required double

Latitude of a location. Requires NAD 27 decimal degrees.

Longitude required double

Longitude of a location. Requires NAD 27 decimal degrees.

secondChannel optional Boolean

True (default) – if second-adjacent channels are to be considered for analysis.

False – if second-adjacent channels are not to be considered for analysis.

Format optional string

Format for the returned results.

Valid values: XML (default), JSON, JSONP

Wednesday, October 5, 2016