Inmate Telephone Service

November 8, 2016
FCC rules that significantly reformed interstate inmate calling service rates and practices went into effect in 2014 in an effort to stem undue high...
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Consumer Protections for Cable Bills

November 4, 2016
If a cable provider charges you for services or equipment you didn't request or agree to, it's known as "negative option billing." It's similar to "...

Speech-To-Speech Relay Service

November 1, 2016
Speech-to-Speech (STS) is one form of Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS). TRS is a service that allows persons with hearing and speech...

Text-to-911: Quick Facts & FAQs

November 1, 2016
Today most consumers cannot reach 911 by sending a text message from their wireless phone. In limited areas of the United States , however, it is now...

Wireless Microphone FAQs

November 1, 2016
Why does the FCC prohibiting the use of wireless microphones in the 700 MHz Band? Use of wireless microphones is prohibited within the 700 MHz Band...
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