Community Engagement

Map Page Screen displaying a map of the United States with various states in different colors
Screenshot: FCC Mapping Broadband Health in America 2023, Internet Adoption and Maternity Care Deserts. (Purple represents double burden areas with lower connectivity and higher health need. In this case, purple shows where Internet adoption is below the national median and where there is no hospital, birth center or providers offering obstetric care.)

The Connect2HealthFCC Task Force welcomes suggestions and feedback as we continue to expand and refine the Mapping Broadband Health in America platform. One of the goals of the 2023 platform release is to elicit feedback on the best ways to further the national understanding of the intersection of broadband connectivity and health and to look ahead to potential solutions to any gaps the platform reveals.

We recognize that the FCC is only one part of the broadband health ecosystem.

  • We particularly seek your input on the data and information contained in the maps, and on ways we can improve the user experience.
  • What other data points would be useful to display?
  • What additional resources can be used to gather data for display?
  • Are there other changes in methodology that would be helpful and informative to stakeholders?

You may ask questions or provide informal feedback by emailing, with “Mapping” in the subject line.

Or, you can file more formal comments or submit additional data for the record via the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System, GN Docket 16-91A (opens new window).