Getting Started

The 2023 release of the Mapping Broadband Health in America platform immediately puts you in the driver's seat to understand the intersection of broadband and health. This page helps you get started. It outlines three simple steps to begin exploring the platform's features.

STEP 1: Understand the Map Organization

Landing Page

Connect2Health landing page with a labeling reading: Select (pregnant woman icon) to navigate to the Maternal Health module, Select (the other icons) to navigate to the Chronic Disease and Opioids modules

Top Navigation Bar

Connect2Health landing page top navigation bar with drop down menu displaying three options: Maternal Health, Chronic Disease, and Opioids

The mapping platform has two modules – Maternal Health and Chronic Disease/Opioids. The modules share the same basic architecture with three primary views: Overview, Broadband, and Health. You can engage with the map from any point. Each of these views allows you to explore the data in different ways.

STEP 2: Define What Are You Looking For

After choosing a general area to intersect with broadband connectivity, either Maternal Health or Chronic Disease/Opioids (Step 1), determine what information you would like to display. Are you curious about the broadband health statistics in your county or surrounding counties? Do you want to learn more about a specific broadband or health measure across various locations? Or are you looking for connected health gaps or areas of opportunity?

STEP 3: Apply Advanced Map Features to Generate Custom Maps

In addition to displaying basic broadband and health information, the map contains other features that allow you to query the data and customize the visualizations. Advanced features are tailored to the area of interest and vary because of differences in the available data. For example, in the Maternal Health module, you can look at two maps side by side and compare two different geographic areas of interest. In the Opioids module, you can consider changes in opioid mortality over time.

Learn more about advanced map features by reviewing our Advanced Guides below:

The Connect2HealthFCC Task Force welcomes your suggestions and feedback as we continue to develop and refine the tool.

  • How can we improve the user experience?
  • What other data points would be useful to display?
  • Are there other changes in methodology that would be helpful and informative?

You may ask questions or provide informal feedback by emailing, with "Mapping" in the subject line. Or, you can file more formal comments or submit additional data for the record via the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System, GN Docket 16-91.