The Auctions and Spectrum Access Division (Auctions Division) is responsible for implementing the FCC’s competitive bidding authority through a fair and transparent auction process. The Auctions Division helps carry out the Wireless Bureau’s mission by planning, designing, and conducting all auctions at the FCC, including spectrum auctions for wireless broadband such as 700 MHz and Advanced Wireless Service (AWS), to paging services, to over-the-air television and radio. The Auctions Division also works on other competitive bidding issues such as transitioning spectrum for new uses (relocation and re-banding or re-purposing) and reverse auctions to distribute funds for universal service support. The Auctions Division reviews and processes applications filed through the Integrated Spectrum Auction System (ISAS).

Management Team

Margaret Wiener, Division Chief
Gary Michaels, Deputy Chief, Legal and Policy
Craig Bomberger, Deputy Chief, Analysis and Implementation
William Huber, Associate Chief, Legal and Policy
Linda Sanderson, Associate Chief, Analysis and Implementation
Erik Salovaara, Assistant Chief, Chief Counsel
Kelly Quinn, Assistant Chief, Legal
Martha Stancill, Assistant Chief, Economics
Rita Cookmeyer, Program Manager

You can contact the Auctions & Spectrum Access Division at (202) 418-0660.