In helping to carry out the Wireless Bureau’s mission, the Competition & Infrastructure Policy Division (CIPD) develops and implements competition and infrastructure policies to promote the rapid deployment of wireless communications services consistent with environmental and other statutory requirements and to encourage competition in the wireless marketplace for the benefit of consumers.

CIPD’s competition group reviews proposed transactions involving mobile wireless licensees, and establishes rules to promote competition in the wireless marketplace.  It manages several consumer-oriented policies including the promotion of wireless roaming, which allows consumers to automatically receive mobile service when outside of the provider’s coverage area; hearing aid compatibility for wireless handsets, which ensures providers and device manufacturers offer handsets that are compatible with hearing aids; and wireless issues in the Restoring Internet Freedom proceeding.

CIPD’s infrastructure group manages environmental compliance for licensees and tower registrants so that the agency meets its obligations under the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act.  In doing so, it evaluates tower siting (including new tower constructions and antenna collocations), conducts rulemakings, and oversees antenna structure registration, marking, and lighting compliance.  CIPD works closely with tribal governments and State historic preservation officers, as well as other federal agencies, to coordinate on tower siting.


Management Team

Garnet Hanly, Division Chief
Susannah Larson, Deputy Chief
Allison Jones, Associate Division Chief
Janet Moran, Associate Division Chief

You can contact the Competition & Infrastructure Policy Division at (202) 418-1310.

Monday, October 24, 2022