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This article provides information on the steps to register low power auxiliary devices (LPADs) including unlicensed wireless microphones. The registration process for unlicensed LPADs provides interference protection from TV white space devices. Large venues that cannot accommodate all of their wireless microphones and other low power auxiliary devices on channels that have been set aside for this type of use can register for protection on additional channels.

A request to register unlicensed LPADs including wireless microphones must be received at least 30 days prior to the operation of the devices. You will need to provide information regarding the:

  • Use of the two reserved channels and other TV channels where TV white spaces devices are not allowed to operate (other available TV channels)
  • Registrant and contact information
  • Venue
  • Number of additional TV channels needed
  • Schedule for unlicensed LPAD use (up to one year)

The process to register an unlicensed LPADs including wireless microphone involves three parts:

Part 1 - Determine If You Qualify

To register unlicensed LPADs, registrants must demonstrate that they will be using more unlicensed wireless microphones and other low power auxiliary devices than can be accommodated on the reserved and other available channels. To do this they must:

  1. Determine location, times, and the number of unlicensed LPADs including wireless microphones needed.
  2. Contact a TVWS Database Administrator to identify the two reserved channels and other available TV channels.
  3. Determine whether or not all unlicensed LPADs can be accommodated on the two reserved channels and other available TV channels.

Part 2 - File a Request to Register Unlicensed LPADs

  1. Log in to ULS Online Filing with your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password.
  2. Select “File Unlicensed LPAD Registrations (Including Wireless Microphones)” on the left-side of the screen.
  3. Provide information required on each screen and click Save and Continue
  4. Use the Edit buttons on the Summary screen to verify and/or change information and click Sign and Submit.
    Note:  It is important that you review your information for accuracy because it cannot be changed after you submit it.
  5. Sign your request and click Submit Application.
    Note: By typing your first and last name in the name fields you have electronically signed your request.

Part 3 - What to do After a Registration is Submitted

  1. Wait for the FCC to review and Accept the registration. During this time, the registration will be listed on a web page for 10 days to provide an opportunity for public comment or objections.
  2. After the registration is approved, use the File Number of the registration to access one of the TV bands database systems to enter final scheduling and channel information for the venue.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015