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  • Radio Market Structure and Music Diversity
    September 2002 (Issued)

    George Williams, Keith Brown and Peter Alexander.  Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-9 (Sept 2002) develops a unique measure of product diversity, and applies it to R&R playlists to examine changes in diversity following the 1996...

  • Consumer Survey on Media Usage
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Nielsen Media Research. Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-8 (Sept 2002) was written by Nielsen Media Research and provided to the FCC.  The paper examines consumers' media usage patterns to assess how the FCC’s media ownership...

  • The Measurement of Local Television News and Public Affairs Programs
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Thomas Spavins, Loretta Dennison, Jane Frenette, and Scott Roberts. Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-7 (Sept 2002) finds evidence indicating that the performance of network owned-and-operated (O&O) stations and affiliates is virtually...

  • A Theory of Broadcast Media Concentration and Commercial Advertising
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Brendan Cunningham and Peter Alexander.  Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-6 (Sept 2002) analyzes a model in which the interaction of broadcasters, advertisers, and consumers determines the level of non-advertising broadcasting...

  • Program Diversity and the Program Selection Process on Broadcast Network Television
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Mara Einstein. Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-5 (Sept 2002) examines the extent to which program diversity has changed over several decades during the prime time hours for broadcast network television.  Einstein (Queens College,...

  • Consolidation and Advertising Prices in Local Radio Markets
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Keith Brown and George Williams. Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-4 (Sept 2002) relates the price of advertising to radio market concentration by examining the price charged to national and regional advertising agencies for local radio...

  • Consumer Substitution Among Media
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Joel Waldfogel. Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-3 (Sept 2002) was written by Waldfogel (The Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania) at the request of the Media Bureau.  Waldfogel considers whether the changes in availability or use...

  • Viewpoint Diversity in Cross-Owned Newspapers and Television Stations: A Study of News Coverage of the 2000 Presidential Campaign
    September 2002 (Issued)

    David Pritchard. Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-2 (Sept 2002) was written by Pritchard (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) at the request of the Media Bureau as part of its review of the FCC's ownership rules.  Pritchard was...

  • A Comparison of Media Outlets and Owners for Ten Selected Markets: 1960, 1980, 2000
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Scott Roberts, Jane Frenette and Dione Stearns.  Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-1 (Sept 2002) compares the availability and ownership of media in ten different radio markets at three different points in time.  It provides a...

  • Broadcast Television: Survivor in a Sea of Competition
    September 2002 (Issued)

    Jonathan Levy, Marcelino Ford-Livene, and Anne Levine. OSP Working Paper 37 (Sept 2002) examines the future profitability of the broadcast industry, finding that it will depend on how well broadcasters respond to competition and cost pressures...


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