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  • The FCC, the OCCs and the Exploitation of Affection
    June 1985 (Issued)

    John Haring.  OSP Working Paper 17 (June 1985) provides an economic framework within which to analyze GTE's (and others') attempts to exploit the government's affection for competition. To this end, Haring first characterizes "economically...

  • Using Auctions to Select FCC Licensees
    May 1985 (Issued)

    Evan Kwerel and Alex Felker.  OSP Working Paper 16 (May 1985) examines the way in which the FCC manages the radio frequency spectrum. Traditionally, the Commission has performed this duty by first allocating a portion of spectrum in a...

  • Spectrum Management Policy in the United States: An Historical Account
    April 1985 (Issued)

    John Robinson.  OSP Working Paper 15 (April 1985) considers the results of spectrum management through administrative regulation by the federal government as they have manifested themselves in the land mobile sector.  While the...

  • Implications of Asymmetric Regulation for Competition Policy Analysis
    December 1984 (Issued)

    John Haring.  OSP Working Paper 14 (Dec 1984) supports the idea that natural monopoly markets should be regulated if there are methods of regulation capable of generating net benefits (i.e., as long as the cure is not worse than the...

  • Promoting Competition Piecemeal in International Telecommunications
    December 1984 (Issued)

    Evan Kwerel.  OSP Working Paper 13 (Dec 1984) examines the impact of growth in competition in international telecommunications on the U.S.’s relationship with foreign telecommunications authorities.  Kwerel applies his theoretical...

  • Bypass of the Local Exchange: A Quantitative Assessment
    September 1984 (Issued)

    Gerald Brock.  OSP Working Paper 12 (Sept 1984) explores the incentives for bypass created by the imposition of usage-based access tariffs to recover the portion of local revenue requirements assigned to the interstate jurisdiction....

  • Divestiture and the Separate Subsidiary Requirement
    March 1984 (Issued)

    Florence Setzer.  OSP Working Paper 11 (Mar 1984) examines two major legal and regulatory changes that were imposed, the first by the FCC and the second in settlement of an antitrust suit against AT&T.  In 1980 the FCC, in its...

  • The Effect of Higher Telephone Prices on Universal Service
    March 1984 (Issued)

    Kenneth Gordon and John Haring.  OSP Working Paper 10 (Mar 1984) considers whether FCC pricing reforms in the early 1980s constitute a threat to “universal” telephone service. The authors provide a legal and historical background on the...

  • Statistical Determinants of Radio Stations' Revenues and Trading Prices
    August 1982 (Issued)

    James Brown.  OSP Working Paper 9 (Aug 1982) estimates the effects of various factors on radio stations’ revenues and trading prices.  These factors include daytime AM power, nighttime AM power, AM frequency, FM power, consumer income...

  • Deregulation After Divestiture: The Effect of the AT&T Settlement on Competition
    April 1982 (Issued)

    Daniel Kelley.  OSP Working Paper 8 (April 1982) discusses the likely effect of the settlement of the Justice Department's 1974 monopolization suit against the American Telephone and Telegraph Co.  That settlement will allow...


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