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Alejandro Roark is the Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau. Previously, Mr. Roark served as the Executive Director for HTTP, a CEO Roundtable of national Latino civil rights organizations working in partnership to promote access, adoption, and the full utilization of technology and telecommunications resources by the Latino community across the United States. Under his leadership he established HTTP’s Digital Inclusion Summit, becoming the premier national convening of multicultural tech policy leaders and digital inclusive advocates nationwide. Prior to his position with HTTP, Mr. Roark led the digital equity and consumer education efforts for LULAC National – including the establishment of the LULAC’s Tech Luncheon and the production of its regional Latino Tech Summit.


Wednesday, March 9, 2022 - 11:15 am

National Consumer Protection Week

Warm greetings from the FCC as we celebrate National Consumer Protection Week 2022 . Here at the FCC, and especially at the...

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