The following list of FCC Items on Circulation provides a compilation of the Commission level items that have been circulated and are pending action by the full Commission. This list is updated on a weekly basis.

Date Circulated Bureau Office Docket Number Title
06/07/2019 WTB Clifford E. Bade Application for Review of Denial of Requests to Extend the Construction Deadlines for Part 22 Geographic Area Paging Licenses WPZG752, WPZG753, WPZG754, WPZG755, and WPZG756
05/31/2019 PSHSB Submarine Cable Outage Reporting Order on Reconsideration
05/31/2019 MB La Plata County, Colorado Petitions for Modification of the Satellite Television Markets of KDVR-TV, KCNC-TV, KMGH-TV, and KUSA-TV, Denver, Colorado
05/29/2019 EB Enforcement Bureau Order
05/29/2019 OGC In the Matter of Entercom License, LLC
05/28/2019 MB Entercom Communications Corp. (Entercom) and CBS Corporation (CBS), and its wholly-owned subsidiary CBS Radio, Inc. (CBSR), Applications for Merger and Divestiture (Merger Applications)
05/28/2019 MB Entercom Sacramento License, LLC
05/20/2019 WCB Modernizing the E-Rate Program for Schools and Libraries
05/03/2019 WTB In the Matter of Eger Communications, Inc., Application for Review, Proposed Tower, Town of Livingston, Columbia County, New York
04/29/2019 PSHSB Review of the Emergency Alert System
04/24/2019 MB Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)
10/01/2018 EB Enforcement Bureau Order
05/17/2018 MB In the Matter of Complaints Involving the Political Files of WCNC-TV, Inc., licensee of Station WCNC-TV, Charlotte, NC, et al., Memorandum Opinion and Order
05/17/2018 MB Complaint Involving the Political Files of Scripps Media, Inc., licensee of Station WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, OH
04/11/2017 WTB Expanding Access to Mobile Wireless Services Onboard Aircraft
01/06/2017 OET Amendment of Part 2 of the Commission's Rules for Federal Earth Stations Communicating with Non-Federal Fixed Satellite Service Space Stations; Federal Space Station Use of the 399.9-400.5 MHz Mobile Satellite Service Band; and Allocation of Spectrum
Friday, June 14, 2019