The following list of FCC Items on Circulation provides a compilation of the Commission level items that have been circulated and are pending action by the full Commission. This list is updated on a weekly basis.

Date Circulated Bureau/​Office Docket Number Title
04/05/2024 WTB Spectrum Rules and Policies for the Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
03/26/2024 WCB Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service; Federal-State Joint Board on Jurisdictional Separations
03/20/2024 OEA Establishing a 5G Fund for Rural America, Second Report and Order, Order on Reconsideration, and Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
03/05/2024 WCB Improving Competitive Broadband Access to Multiple Tenant Environments
02/21/2024 MB Sponsorship Identification Requirements for Foreign Government-Provided Programming
01/26/2024 MB Amendment of Section 73.3556 of the Commission's Rules Regarding Duplication of Programming on Commonly Owned Radio Stations, Order on Reconsideration
01/24/2024 MB, CGB Closed Captioning of Video Programming; Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc., Petition for Rulemaking
07/12/2023 MB Fostering Independent and Diverse Sources of Video Programming
06/15/2023 WCB In the Matter of Data Caps in Consumer Broadband Plans
08/23/2022 EB Enforcement Bureau Order
08/23/2022 EB Enforcement Bureau Order
08/23/2022 EB Enforcement Bureau Order
08/23/2022 EB Enforcement Bureau Order
03/30/2022 WTB Implementing Federal Floodplain Policy Changes to Section 1.1307 of the Commission's Rules, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Friday, April 12, 2024