EAS Test Reporting System


Because of ongoing implementation of improvements for the 2017 filing cycle, ETRS is not available at this time.  The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau will announce in a future Public Notice when ETRS becomes available.

ETRS – Description

The ETRS is the online system in which EAS Participants must file identifying information, day-of-test data, and post-test data related to a nationwide test.  ETRS provides several new features that ease the data-entry burden on EAS Participants, encourage timely filings, and minimize input errors.

For additional information about or assistance with ETRS, please contact us at ETRS@fcc.gov 

EAS Operating Handbook

The EAS Operating Handbook summarizes the actions to be taken by personnel at EAS Participant facilities upon receipt of an EAN, tests, or State and Local Area alerts. A copy of the Handbook must be located at normal duty positions or EAS equipment locations when an operator is required to be on duty and be immediately available to staff responsible for authenticating messages and initiating actions.

Nationwide EAS Test Releases

  • Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Announces Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System on September 28, 2016
    Public Notice:  Word | Acrobat
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Launches EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) and Seeks Comment on EAS Operating Handbook Recommendations
    Public Notice:  Word | Acrobat
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Provides Information on Implementation of EAS Test Reporting System
    Public Notice: Word | Acrobat
  • Review of the Emergency Alert System
    Sixth Report and Order:  Word | Acrobat
  • Strengthening the Emergency Alert System (EAS): Lessons Learned from the Nationwide EAS Test - April 2013 
    Report: Word | Acrobat

Friday, April 21, 2017