FEMA, in collaboration with the FCC, is conducting a nationwide test of Wireless Emergency Alerts at 2:18 p.m. EDT and the Emergency Alert System at 2:20 p.m. EDT today. Comment on the test. Submit EAS accessibility complaints. Help for EAS Participants.

The Enforcement Bureau (EB) is the primary Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) organizational unit responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Communications Act, as amended, the Commission’s rules, orders, and various licensing terms and conditions.  In addition to general enforcement and deterrence goals, EB dedicates its resources to investigations and enforcement actions involving FCC-regulated services and equipment that significantly impact:

  • Consumer Protection and Privacy;
  • Data Security, Cybersecurity, and Supply Chain Integrity;
  • National Security, Public Safety, Emergency Services, and Harmful Interference;
  • Fraud Targeting Critical FCC-Funded and -Administered Programs; and
  • Fair Competition and Equal Opportunities.