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The ACP Has Ended for Now

Due to a lack of additional funding from Congress, the Affordable Connectivity Program, has ended for now. Effective June 1, 2024, households will no longer receive an ACP discount.

Enrolled households should carefully review written notices from their internet company and from the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), the ACP administrator. Also, ask your internet company about how the end of the ACP will impact your internet service and bill.

For updates about the end of ACP, refer to fcc.gov/ACP and AffordableConnectivity.gov

If you are having issues with your provider involving the Affordable Connectivity Program, you may want to file an informal consumer complaint with us. If your issue is a billing and service issue, we will serve your complaint on your provider. Your provider has 30 days to send you a response to your complaint. We encourage you to contact your provider to attempt to resolve your issue prior to filing a complaint.

You can also submit an informal complaint over the phone by calling 888-CALL-FCC (888-225-5322)

Para presentar una queja en español, llamar al: 888-CALL-FCC (888-225-5322)

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

"988" is the new three-digit, nationwide phone number you can call or text to connect directly with mental health professionals at a national network of crisis centers. Click to learn more

Broadband Consumer Labels

Broadband Labels (Internet de Banda Ancha Etiquetas - en español) are designed to provide clear, easy-to-understand, and accurate information about the cost and performance of high-speed internet services. The labels are modeled after the FDA nutrition labels and are intended to help consumers comparison shop for the internet service plan that will best meet their needs and budget.

Consumers should look for broadband labels at any point of sale, including online and in stores, for providers with more than 100,000 subscribers.

Helpful Resources

Preparing for Summer Power Outages

Summer storms and extreme heat can lead to unexpected power outages. The FCC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency offer tips for communicating during an emergency, including how to prepare for a power outage. FCC video and downloadable public service announcements are also available. Click to learn more.

After Storms, Watch Out for Scams

Natural disasters and severe weather can create opportunities for fraud in their wake. Find out how to avoid post-disaster insurance scams and disaster relief charity scams. If you think you're the victim of a scam or scam attempt, file a complaint with the FCC at https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov; or call: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322); ASL: 1-844-432-2275.

Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau

The Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau develops and implements the FCC's consumer policies and serves as the agency's connection to the American consumer.