In accordance with section 511(g) of the PIRATE Act, the following databases are provided to identify (i) each entity against whom an enforcement action for pirate radio broadcasting has been issued, and (ii) licensed radio stations.

About the Pirate Broadcaster Database

The initial version of the Pirate Radio Database was published on January 23, 2023. The database covers released enforcement actions from the period of January 24, 2020 to June 30, 2023.

Data Published

The FCC publishes data on issued pirate radio enforcement actions. All actions are stored in the FCC’s document system, EDOCS.

Complaint Data Fields:



Data Type

Enforcement Target

The person or entity that received the notification.


Case ID Number

The identification number assigned to the case by the EB system of record.


State or Territory

The state or territory where the recipient of the enforcement notification is located.


Type of Enforcement Action

The enforcement document that EB issued to the enforcement target.

Possible actions* that include the following:

  • Consent Decree/Penalty Issued
  • Forfeiture Order Issued
  • In Rem Equipment Seizure
  • Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) Issued
  • Notice of Illegal Pirate Radio Operation (NIPRB) Issued
  • Notice of Harmful/Interference Notice of Unauthorized Operation (NOHI/NOUO) Issued
  • Notice of Unauthorized Operation (NOUO) (Good Cause) - Mailed
  • Notice of Violation (NOV) Issued
  • Memorandum and Opinion Order


Issued Date

The date the Office of the Secretary released the document.


Penalty Amount

The monetary amount assessed to the enforcement target for violating the FCC rules. Some actions do not involve a monetary penalty.



Transmissions between 535 and 1705 kilohertz, inclusive, or 87.7 and 108 megahertz, inclusive.


Link to Document

The hyperlink will send the user to the electronic file in EDOCS.


Location (Download only)

The longitude and latitude of the state.



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