FCC Speed Test App FAQs

November 23, 2022
What is Measuring Broadband America's mobile performance testing all about?

Uploading Attachments - ULS

October 11, 2022
Attachments Attachments may be uploaded with license applications in ULS when required or allowable by FCC rules. The ULS attachments utility...

Voicemail Hacking

October 6, 2022
If you don't change default passwords on your voicemail accounts, you or your company could be in for an expensive surprise. There are hackers who...
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Common Filing Tasks Ground Stations

September 30, 2022
Licensees may be required to perform standard filing tasks after obtaining a license. For information on current applicable fees, see the Wireless...

Audio Description

August 31, 2022
Audio description (referred to as video description in the Commission’s rules) is audio-narrated descriptions of a television program's key visual...
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