Active Alerts

CORES Paper Mail Disruption

Effective: March 25, 2020
System: Commission Registration System (CORES)

Due to the ongoing health crisis, the FCC will temporarily discontinue its practice of mailing letters to CORES account holders to memorialize the following actions:

  • Registration Confirmation
  • Password Notification
  • Password Reset
  • Password Security Question Reset
  • Registration Update

We apologize for the inconvenience. We will resume this service when the FCC returns to full work capacity.

New Application Fees Effective April 19, 2022

System: Universal Licensing System (ULS)

April 19, 2022, New Application Fees have been implemented. Please reference Wireless Telecommunications Fee Guide for fees related to applications filed in ULS. Please reference DA 22-307.

New Page: Instructions on Payment Process for ULS Individual Filers

System: Universal Licensing System (ULS)

New Instructions Page on Payment Process for ULS Individual Filers.

Active Notices

NEW PAGE: Instructions on Printing Official License in ULS

System: Universal Licensing System (ULS)

New Instructions Page for downloading your granted ULS Authorization.

Username Registration/Update Intermittent Issues

System: Commission Registration System (CORES)

PLEASE NOTE: Username registration and update is currently experiencing intermittent issues and users are encouraged to continue and try and access the system.  We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve the issues.

Special Conditions Code document updated.

System: Universal Licensing System (ULS)

The Special Conditions Code document for public access files has been updated. Please reference the Public Access Files Documentation