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Active Alerts

    CORES Paper Mail Disruption

    Effective Date:
    Notification System:
    Commission Registration System (CORES)

    Due to the ongoing health crisis, the FCC will temporarily discontinue its practice of mailing letters to CORES account holders to memorialize the following actions:

    • Registration Confirmation
    • Password Notification
    • Password Reset
    • Password Security Question Reset
    • Registration Update

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We will resume this service when the FCC returns to full work capacity.

    The DIRS system has been updated.  Please refer to the userguide to access the new system; see https://www.fcc.gov/sites/default/files/DIRS-UserGuide-122023.docx
    Notification System:
    Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS)

    The DIRS system has been updated.  Please refer to the userguide to access the new system; see DIRS User Guide

Active Notices

    Special Conditions Code document updated.

    Notification System:
    Universal Licensing System (ULS)

    The Special Conditions Code document for public access files has been updated. Please reference the Public Access Files Documentation

    Enhanced Security for FCC CORES/Username starting March 29, 2024
    Notification System:
    Universal Licensing System (ULS)

    Beginning March 29, 2024, 2-step authentication will be mandatory to login to the FCC’S Commission Registration System (CORES) and its associated FCC User Registration System.  Paying ULS application fees, requesting an FCC Registration Number (FRN) or updating an FRN Password require accessing FCC CORES with a Username Account.  Please ensure your FCC Username Account is up to date and that you have access to the corresponding e-mail inbox. For more information please refer to the Public Notice.