Active Alerts

On-line Public Inspection filing (OPIF) is currently experiencing issues.

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Public Inspection Files (PIF)

Users may experience unusual slowness with the On-line Public Inspection filing (OPIF) system. We are in the process of troubleshooting and hope to resolve this issue soon. 

CORES Paper Mail Disruption

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Commission Registration System (CORES)

Due to the ongoing health crisis, the FCC will temporarily discontinue its practice of mailing letters to CORES account holders to memorialize the following actions:

  • Registration Confirmation
  • Password Notification
  • Password Reset
  • Password Security Question Reset
  • Registration Update

We apologize for the inconvenience. We will resume this service when the FCC returns to full work capacity.

Active Notices

Special Conditions Code document updated.

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Universal Licensing System (ULS)

The Special Conditions Code document for public access files has been updated. Please reference the Public Access Files Documentation

Mandatory Electronic Filing Notice
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CALEA Electronic Filing System (CEFS)

Mandatory electronic filing for CALEA System Security & Integrity Plans (SSI Plans) will become effective 30 days after notice is published in the Federal Register. For details, see the Order. Use the CALEA Electronic Filing System (CEFS) for filing SSI Plans.