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Attachment B



This attachment provides instructions for electronically searching the FCC Network for a
specific application or applications on file with the Commission. The following instructions
relate specifically to searching for applications filed in response to Auction 78.
To search the FCC Network for an application, you must first connect to the FCC Network.
Attachment C describes how Windows 95/98/2000/XP users can connect to the FCC Network
using the Dial-Up Networking features of Windows 95/98/2000/XP.
We recommend that you use Netscape Communicator 8.1 or higher, or Internet Explorer 6.0 or
higher (Internet web browser software) to use ULS for application searches. To download the
latest versions of Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer free of charge, access the
Netscape download site at, or the Microsoft Internet
Explorer download site at:


The instructions in this attachment use the following typographic conventions:
Represents objects on the screen that you click with the mouse pointer, including
buttons, Internet links, icon, tabs, menu items (e.g.,






option in the File menu).
Represents field names or areas of a screen (e.g., Licensee Name field, Applicant
area of a screen).
bold italic
Represents characters that you must type exactly as they appear in the
instructions. For example, if you are instructed to type, you
should type all of the characters shown in bold italic exactly as they are printed.
SMALL CAPS Represents keys on the keyboard (e.g., ENTER, CTRL, ESC).


Throughout these instructions, “enter” means to type the appropriate information and then
press the ENTER key.

Performing an Application Search

Once you have connected to the FCC Network, follow the procedures below to search for an
application. You may click the ? (Help) button at any time for additional information on using
Application Search.

Connect to the FCC Network using one of the following options:


If your PC is connected to a network, you must use a secure proxy to access the
FCC Network. Consult your Network Administrator.

Dial-Up Access
Use Dial-Up Networking in Windows 95/98/2000/XP to connect to the FCC
Network (see Attachment D).
Start your web browser. In the location field of the web browser screen, type Then press the ENTER key.
Internet Access
Start your web browser and connect to the Internet using your Internet Service
In the location field of the web browser screen, type
Then press the ENTER key.
Verify that Java and JavaScript are enabled in your web browser preferences.
Additionally, the preferences must specify “Accept all cookies.” Refer to your web
browser Help facility for more information.
On the Universal Licensing System main page, click the


button, located in
the center of the page.
For a quick search, use the drop down list in the center License Search box to search by a
specific Call Sign, FRN or Licensee Name. You can choose the Advance Search option
to search by various criteria.
You can conduct an Advanced Application Search to specify search options by Applicant
State, ZIP, and Name; Dates (Receipt, Action, etc.); Application Status; Application
Purpose; and more.
Also shown are the options for various Non-Auction service specific searches: Aircraft,
Amateur, Commercial/Restricted Permits, GMRS and Ship.
You have the option to conduct a Specialized Search with the following options:


Market Based

to search only for licenses associated with an FCC Auction.

Site Based

to search only for site-based licenses.


to search for Wireless licenses based on a single frequency or
frequency ranges.

Facility ID

to search by facility identification number.


to search by coordinates, county/state, address, and frequency

Link Registration ID

to search by the link registration identification number.

NG Number

to search by the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
(IRAC) coordination number.

Transfers and Assignment Search

to search by Assignment information,
transfer information, date information and more.

Ownership Search

to search Ownership Disclosure Filings by Filing Type,
Filing Status and more.
The appropriate Application Search screen appears. This screen contains several data
entry fields used for specifying the criteria for your application search. Specify the
search criteria necessary to locate the desired application. Please refer to the following
“Basic Guidelines for Specifying Search Criteria” for more information.
If you are searching for an application filed for Auction 78, click 78 in the Auction ID
Basic Guidelines for Specifying Search Criteria:
You must specify search criteria in at least one field. You do not have to specify
search criteria in all of the search fields. Enter search criteria into as many fields
as you wish.
To specify search criteria in a search field containing a menu of options, click the
desired option from the menu. Use the scroll bars to view all options in a menu.
You can select multiple options from a menu by pressing the CTRL key while you
click the menu options.

Click the


button to undo a menu selection and search for all options in the
Click the


button to reset entries in all of the search fields.
Click the ? Help button for a definition of each search field available on the Application
Search screen.

After you have specified the desired search criteria, click the


button. The system
will scan the database for any applications matching the search criteria. The matching
application files will be listed on the Search Results screen. The Search Results screen
will identify the file number, licensee name, application purpose, application status, radio
service code, and receipt date for each application returned in the query.
A message on the Search Results screen will indicate if no matches were found for the
specified search criteria. Click the

New Search

button and re-specify search criteria.
To view an application, click its file number link. To navigate through the data on the
Application screen, use the scroll bar or click the links at the top of the screen. Click the
? Help button for information regarding specific functions available on this screen.

To re-access the Search Results screen, click

Return to Results

at the top of the
To begin a new search, click

New Search

at the top of the screen.

Technical Support

For technical assistance in searching the ULS for applications, contact the FCC Technical
Support Hotline at (202) 414-1250 (voice) or (202) 414-1255 (TTY). The FCC Technical
Support Hotline is generally available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. All
calls to the FCC Technical Support Hotline are recorded.

Note: We are currently transitioning our documents into web compatible formats for easier reading. We have done our best to supply this content to you in a presentable form, but there may be some formatting issues while we improve the technology. The original version of the document is available as a PDF, , or as plain text.


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