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Erratum - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism/A NATIONAL BROADBAND PLAN FOR OUR FUTURE

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Released: November 9, 2010

Federal Communications Commission

Before the

Federal Communications Commission

Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of

Schools and Libraries Universal Service
CC Docket No. 02-6
Support Mechanism

A National Broadband Plan
GN Docket No. 09-51
For Our Future


Released: November 8, 2010

By the Deputy Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau:
On September 28, 2010, the Wireline Competition Bureau released a Sixth Report and Order,
FCC 10-175, in the above captioned proceeding. This Erratum amends the document as indicated below:
The fifth sentence in paragraph 9 is corrected to read as follows:
"Because dark fiber has not been classified as either a telecommunications service or Internet
access, we hereby include it in the telecommunications section of the ESL."
The fifth sentence in paragraph 88 is corrected to read as follows:

"In determining the amount of gifts from any one source, we will consider the aggregate value of
all gifts from any employees, officers, representatives, agents, independent contractors, or
directors of the service providers in a given funding year."
Footnote 256 is corrected to read as follows:

"We note that we are still considering the comments received in response to the proposal in the E-
rate Broadband NPRM
barring applicant participation on a service provider board, and therefore
we are not ruling on that issue in this order."
Footnote 261 of paragraph 88 is corrected to read as follows:

"See 5 C.F.R. 2635.203(b), 204(a)."
In the Final rule text of Appendix A, section 54.503(a) is corrected to read as follows:
"(a) All entities participating in the schools and libraries universal service support program must
conduct a fair and open competitive bidding process, consistent with all requirements set forth in
this subpart.

Federal Communications Commission

(Note: The following is an illustrative list of activities or behaviors that would not result in a fair
and open competitive bidding process: the applicant for supported services has a relationship
with a service provider that would unfairly influence the outcome of a competition or would
furnish the service provider with inside information; someone other than the applicant or an
authorized representative of the applicant prepares, signs, and submits the FCC Form 470 and
certification; a service provider representative is listed as the FCC From 470 contact person and
allows that service provider to participate in the competitive bidding process; the service provider
prepares the applicant's FCC Form 470 or participates in the bid evaluation or vendor selection
process in any way; the applicant turns over to a service provider the responsibility for ensuring a
fair and open competitive bidding process; an applicant employee with a role in the service
provider selection process also has an ownership interest in the service provider seeking to
participate in the competitive bidding process; and the applicant's FCC Form 470 does not
describe the supported services with sufficient specificity to enable interested service providers to
submit responsive bids.)
* * * * * "
Section 54.507 in the Final rule text is corrected to add paragraph (g)(1)(i) to read as
"(i) Schools and Libraries Corporation shall first calculate the demand for telecommunications,
telecommunications services, voicemail, and Internet access for all discount categories as
determined by the schools and libraries discount matrix in 54.505(c). These services shall
receive first priority for the available funding.
* * * *"
This Erratum also amends Appendix B, Eligible Service List for Funding Year 2011 (ESL), of the
Sixth Report and Order as indicated below:
On page 5, remove the reference to "residential telephone service" as ineligible for
funding as a telecommunication service.
On page 42 in the glossary, remove the definition of "residential telephone service."
In the second paragraph on page 26, the description of "Eligible Users and Locations"
under the "Special Eligibility Conditions" is corrected to read as follows:
"Residential schools that serve students with special circumstances schools on Tribal lands;
schools designated to serve students with medical needs; schools designed to serve students with
physical, cognitive or behavioral disabilities; and schools where 35 percent or more of their
students are eligible for the national school lunch program are eligible for support. Some
services outside of a school or library location can also be eligible for discount in certain cases,
such as use by teachers or other school staff while accompanying students on a field trip or
sporting event."
In the fourth paragraph on page 6, the description of fiber or dark fiber is corrected to
read as follows:

"Applicants should apply for fiber service as a telecommunications service if they select a
telecommunications carrier to provide the fiber but should apply for the fiber service as Internet
access if they select a non-telecommunications carrier to provide the fiber."

Federal Communications Commission

On page 44 in the glossary, the definition of web hosting is corrected to read as follows:
"Web Hosting (Eligible Internet Access)"
The ESL is corrected to revise the hyperlinks and update the index with correct page
Carol Mattey
Deputy Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau

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