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In 1986, United Telecom, Inc. created long distance services named Sprint. Then in 1992, United Telecom, Inc. adopted the Sprint name for the entire company. In addition, in May 1992, Centel Corporation (Central Telephone Companies) merged with Sprint/United to become Sprint/Central/United Telephone Company d/b/a Sprint Telephone Company.

The links below lead to brief descriptions of historical corporate events, such as mergers and acquisitions, which cause the ARMIS COSAs to change for the SPRINT LTCs.

In 2006, following a 2004 merger between Sprint and Nextel, the Sprint local telephone companies were spun off to become Embarq Local Operating Companies, and several company names were changed to reflect the new corporation.


Existing Companies & Related COSAs

  • Embarq Florida, Inc. (Formerly Sprint – Florida, Inc.)  UCFL
  • Carolina Telephone and Telegraph Company  UTNC
  • United Telephone - Southeast  UTIM, UTTN, UTVA
  • United Telephone Company of the Carolinas (Formerly United Telephone Company of South Carolina)  UTSC
  • Central Telephone Company of Virginia  CEVA
  • United Telephone Company of Ohio  UTOH
  • United Telephone Company of Indiana  UTIN
  • United Telephone Company of New Jersey  UTNJ
  • United Telephone Company of Pennsylvania  UTPA
  • United Telephone Company of South Central Kansas  UTKS
  • Embarq Minnesota (Formerly Sprint – Minnesota, Inc.)  UTMN
  • Embarq Missouri (Formerly Sprint – Missouri, Inc.)  UTMO
  • United Telephone Company of the West  UTWE, UTNE, UTWY
  • United Telephone Company of Texas  UTTX
  • Central Telephone Company of Texas  CETX
  • Central Telephone Company  CETO, CENC, CENV
  • United Telephone of the Northwest (Formerly Sprint/United Telephone of the Northwest)   UTNW, UTOR, UTWA



Sold/Transferred Companies & Related COSAs

  • Central of Florida  CEFL (combined into single study area under Sprint - Florida)
  • United Telephone of Florida  UTFL (combined into single study area under Sprint - Florida)
  • Central Telephone Company of Illinois  CEIL (defunct after 1997)
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